We Should All Know These 10 Things About Our Blood Type!

There are four common blood types: Type A,  Type B, Type AB, and finally Type O.

These types are divided into two sub-groups known as positive and negative. Therefore, many scientists group the common types into 8 blood types.

In the below, find a list of the different most common blood types and their approximate US population percentage distribution:

  • A positive: 34 %
  • A negative: 6 %
  • B positive: 9 %
  • B negative: 2%
  • AB positive: 3%
  • AB negative: 1%
  • O positive: 38%
  • O negative: 7%

However, in addition to these types, there are some other blood types that are known as rare blood types. As these are very rare, we will not explore them in this article.

What are the different blood type properties?

Experts clearly define that the different blood types have their own characteristics and properties.

For instance, one individual who has type A blood will share the same characteristics as someone who has the same blood type (in this instance type A).

Below, we provide you with 10 points that anyone of us should know abut blood types.

1- Risk of parenting with not matching blood type

You need to know that most of us are what we call in the scientific jargon Rh positive (1).

What is Rh?

First, Rh means Rhesus factor. This factor is a protein that you inherit. You find it on the surface of red blood cells.

In the case your blood has the protein, then scientists will say that you are Rh positive. On the other hand, if your blood does not carry the protein, then you are Rh negative.

I would like to repeat myself here – 85% of the population are Rh positive.

Why does Rh positive and negative matter in parenting?

Here is why: Consider that you are a woman that is Rh negative

Now, consider that your partner is a man who is Rh positive.

In this particular case, there is a risk that a conceived between these two partners will develop some health issue.

2- Can my blood type tell me if I may be ill

Blood type related disease

Blood types play an important factor for doctors to determine your risk of illnesses (2).

Here is what I would say for the AB type blood person.

It was proven that if you are a blood type AB, then you have a higher risk for cognitive impairment.

Research has quantified that AB blood type individuals will have more difficulties to learn or recall lists of items.

This is really bad news, but you can help yourselves by keeping your brain strong using some natural remedies. (read about this plant that helps you with improving your brain)

Mary Cushman, a world renown Professor of medicine and pathology at the University of Vermont is clear about this: “We know blood type AB is related to levels of certain clotting factors and to proteins in the blood,”.

She adds that the above statement clearly shows the reason behind type ABs likelihood for developing thinking problems later in life.

However, she is clear that currently, we do not know the exact mechanisms behind this ‘deficiency’; if we may call it that way.

3- Can your blood type define your personality?

Yes, this is a fact. Researchers have demonstrated that your personality can be driven by your blood type (3).

It is now clear that people with blood type O- are great and have outgoing personalities with strong self-confident, creativity is in their blood, and they really like to spend time with people.

On the other hand, individuals who have blood type A are very peaceful, more artistic, and above all very trustworthy.

Now, when you look at individuals with type B, scientists inform us that these people are very strongly minded, they like their independence, and highly focused on achieving their goals in life.

Finally, people with blood type AB are very responsible, their aim is to care for others, they are very shy, but are also very reliable. They make good friends.

4- What food do I need to avoid with my type of blood? 

food I need to avoid with my type of blood

This is an important point that you must know.

Each blood type individual should aim to eat what is best for its blood (4).

You can have some ‘tangents’ at times, meaning you can eat some of the food that are not really good for you, but best to avoid these.

So the first step is to know your blood type. Go to the doctor and ask for this information.

With that information, you can know tell which food is beneficial for your body, and which ones to stay away from.

If you are a blood type A, it is highly advisable to avoid meat. I know it can be difficult if you are a typical carnivore.

But studies clearly shows that you must aim at eating vegetables instead. (Note – I am lucky or unlucky, but I am not of this type 🙂 )

Now, if you are of blood type O, aim to consume more proteins.

For instance, focus on eating fish and meat.

AB blood type is somehow like type O. However, we need to be more precise, and you should aim at eating lean meat and seafood.

Here is the funny bit, if you are of type B, then you are allowed to eat meat.

But not any type of meat. It is best for you to stay away from chicken meat and aim for red meat.

5- Can my blood contain antigens?

The answer is simply yes. Some blood has antigens in them which can cause some serious damages to your body.

What is an antigen?

An antigen is somehow the opposite of the antibody.

Let me explain. An antigen (5) is a substance.

When your body contract and antigen, it causes your body to detect it.

When it is detected, your body determines if the antigen may be harmful (usually, antigens are harmful).

At this timeframe, your body will launch an attack through your immune system and produce the antibodies.

Now, your body will fight the antigen and aim to flush it and/or kill it from your body so that you stay healthy.

Unfortunately, you can find antigens in your blood and in your digestive tract, lungs, and nostrils.

In fact, you can even find these your mouth and colon.

There’s no much you can do about these, apart from letting your body fight them or explore with medical professionals if you can fight these.

6- Can my blood type increase my stress levels?

Yes and No.

relieve stress and anxiety with these 5 methods

Most blood types do not have issues with their stress levels (6).

However, it was shown that blood type O individuals have high Adrenalin levels.

As such they get angry more often and it is fairly easy to upset them.

So if you are a type O, you definitely need time to relax following some stressful event.

7- Can my blood type increase my weight problems? 

Lose weight and belly fat with cherriesThere are two different extremes here that have been proven for two blood types. Research is being conducted for other blood types.

The outcome of the research illustrates that if you are an individual with blood type O, then you are more likely to develop a belly (78). Sorry, but this is a scientific fact.

What I would suggest is that you need to do more sports. Read on about our running for weight loss, where we provide you with a method to reduce your body fat (highly effective)

On the other hand, people with blood type A are less likely to develop a belly, but still, it is advisable to run or swim for weight loss (Read about swimming for weight loss).

8- Can my blood type help me in conceiving?

promote blood supply during pregnancy

Yes, there is one blood type that is better than the other ones (9).

Women with type AB conceive much easier when compared to others. Congratulations if you are an AB type woman.

The reason is that they produce a small number of follicles. Having less follicle helps in stimulating hormone for getting pregnant.

The above does not mean that you should worry if you are not an AB type blood person.

It just means that it is a little more difficult, but you are a perfectly normal person. That’s all.

9- Which blood type is more suitable for workout

Blood type B is definitely the winner here.

Individuals with type B are great at facing challenges.

As such, they need to perform activities that help them develop a good balance between their spiritual and physical needs.

If they do not do this, then they may face some depression.,

So, activities that type B have proven to enjoy are martial arts, tennis, hill and mountain climbing. (10)

10- Which blood do I need to use in case of emergencies?

Acacia reduce blood loss

This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself. Aim to get a transfusion with the same type of blood.

However, there are times that you can have another type of blood transfuse to you as it is one of those blood compatibility that works. Here is the chart that can help you.

Blood type donors and receiver chart

I have to say that is so critical you may want to carry a card on you with the type of blood you have.

This is very important for rare blood people, as they have to develop their own bank of blood and save it at an appropriate hospital as they are so few individuals who have the same type of blood.

So, go to your doctor and get your blood sampled to define which type you fall into.

Then, inform your family and keep track of it.

You’ll be pleased to have done so if you have an accident and the doctors can give you a nice transfusion of blood (1) without having to perform tests on you.

This will save valuable time and it may be the time between life and death.


In this article, we described the different blood types without including the rare one.

The O positive and the A positive are the most common blood types. They make up to 72% of the population.

Your mood, weight, effectiveness at working out, pregnancy, ability to eat meat or vegetables, what are the risks of having babies with your Rhesus all depend on your blood type.

So you need to ensure you know it and define what is best for you and your blood type.

Back to you

The above information is critical to you and you must make sure you know your blood type as a minimum.

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