Wants Super Hot Legs, Thigh and Butt? 8 Awesome Exercises To Get These In A Blink Of An Eye!

Super Hot Legs, Thigh and Butt

As we get older, fat gets in our thighs and butt much faster and we seem not to be able to get rid of it.

Fat in these areas is very hard to get rid of, and spending hours at the gym will definitely not give you the desired end results.

The only way to get a good result is by targeting the thigh muscles during your exercise. There’s no other way. If you target wisely, you get fantastic end results.

Our advice is to spend  only 12 minutes per day on doing the below exercises you will be able to sculpt your butt and thigh region and smolder the stubborn fat. This is guaranteed!

Exercise 1 – Pile squats: they might not be your favorite exercise, but are truly helpful in strengthening and toning your thighs and the lower part of your body.

Exercise 2 – Side lunges: they work differently than squats and target the hips, thighs, and glutes.

Exercise 3 – Skater hops: it is a highly powerful exercise for developing power and crating balance in the lateral direction.

Exercise 4 – Squat and kick: this incorporates squat, and then a kick. It is a booty-strengthening exercise that will give a great form to your butt. Both of the legs need to be involved for performing of the exercise.

Exercise 5 – Inner leg lifts: this exercise will tone your thighs and will make you feel more confident.

Exercise 6 – Leg circles: it will provide a great hip strength and their mobility. This exercise will also help you fire up your abdominals.

Exercise 7 – Outer thigh lift: this exercise hits the glute muscles and is highly efficient in reshaping the outer thighs.

Exercise 8 – Fire hydrants kicks: this is an advanced technique of the fire hydrant and involves the kick procedure.

Watch the video for detailed instructions on how to make these exercises.

Now onto you. Just apply these simple 12 minutes exercises per day and you’ll not believe that the legs in the mirror are yours!






Via: homehealthysolutions.com

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