Changing weather conditions far only affects the way we dress.

Just as replacing light and airy clothes in the summer with hot and considerably thicker ones for winter, we should apply the changes and cosmetic regimen.

The sun is replaced by low temperatures and winds that change the needs of the skin.

We present to you the best ways in which to take care of your skin in winter and to enjoy the perfect look regardless of weather changes and conditions.


1. Double hydration
The cold wind can cause unpleasant effects on the skin. This requires very deep hydration to maintain softness and freshness. Apply an appropriate cream, wait to soak well and then apply a second coat. It is important not to choose too heavy cream and required to comply with the individual characteristics of your skin.

2. Natural oils
Natural oils not only help fight wrinkles and the ravages of time on the face but also provide deep hydration of the skin. Even a single application creates a thin layer that protects the skin throughout the day and creates a glow to the face.

3. Lukewarm water
Hot water with which we want to constantly wash in cold days, not really a good choice. Water with a high temperature washes away the natural oils of the skin and creates all the preconditions for dryness. Wash your face with lukewarm water or a temperature close to body such.

4. Food
Mandatory stick to a healthy diet as this will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. Consume foods rich in Omega 3 if you want to have radiant skin. Nuts and seasonal fruits and vegetables should necessarily have a place in your diet.

5. Scrub
Be very careful with exfoliation during the cold seasons. At that time, the last thing you want is to wash the natural hydration of the skin and break the beautiful appearance. Stop natural exfoliants such as sugar and coffee, which will be a more gentle face and will not cause redness.


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