How to eliminate blackheads with one simple and effective technique?

If you are reading this, then you want to eliminate blackheads from the surface of your skin.

The main idea behind getting rid of blackheads is to get a smooth, clear, nice looking and problem-free skin.

But on many occasions, blackheads and acne do get in our way.

What is key for you to understand is that blackheads are just small pimples without skin.

As they get exposed to our ambient air and humid environment, they oxidize and turn into brown-colored particles that we all call blackheads.

And the unfortunate thing is that they sometimes look ugly.

You can find blackheads all over your body. On your face, arm leg, and other body locations that I shall not describe here.

Most of you may have heard people suggesting many different ways to eliminate them.

The good news is that if they are soft, you can get rid of them easily and quickly.

However, some of them are difficult to get rid of.

Below, I’ll provide you with a simple, yet effective method to eliminate blackheads.

This is a method that has been used around me for quite some time and we all have had excellent results.

Note, though, that this remedy has not worked for one of my relatives. But apart from that one, we all have gotten rid of our blackhead.


Here’s how to eliminate blackheads:

The main ingredients:

Here is the blackhead’s removal preparation:

First, take a tablespoon of salt.

Second, mix the salt with 2 tablespoons of mint toothpaste.

Try to use a bowl made of glass to do so and mix the toothpaste with the salt until they form a paste.

Third, put the paste on your blackhead.

Leave it to rest for about five minutes.

Fourth, you can start massaging the paste with some water.

It is best to massage the blackhead in a circular motion using some lukewarm water.

When there’s no more paste, it is time to rub your blackhead end with an ice cube.

The aim of using the ice is to close the small pores rapidly and avoid dirt to come back to the blackhead.

How does the home blackhead eliminating scrub work?

This is very simple to understand.

First, salt is known to be a powerful anti-bacterial agent. (1, 2)

And this agent has the property to exfoliate in contact with the skin.

Second, salt does not dissolve when mixt with the toothpaste.

As such, both the combination of salt and mint toothpaste is perfect to remove and eliminate blackhead overnight.

But you may ask yourselves what doe the mint toothpaste does?

Again, it is simple. It does open the different skin pores that are connected to the blackhead.

By doing so it removes all germs inside the pores.

But as it wide opens these pores, it does so deeply.

In doing so, it cleans up the pores at the right and appropriate depth so that it plucks out the blackheads.

Important note on how to eliminate blackheads:

At first, your blackhead nose might become red.

This is normal and you should not worry too much about this.

This red inflammation should clean up rapidly.

It is also important to note that there is a need for people who have dry skin or sensitive skin to use a moisturizer after the treatment.

And finally, if you have sensitive skin, ensure that you massage the blackhead nose slowly, carefully and nicely.


Here is a simple blackhead eliminating face scrub (or other blackheads on your body).

The proposed mixture consisting of mint toothpaste, salt, and ice cube will eliminate nose blackheads.

This recipe is also proven on the different types of head and if you think as to how to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, then you can use the mixture on both.

Note that it is usually easier to remove blackheads and white ones.

We have used this recipe as a blackhead eliminating cleanser very successfully and there is no reason why it should not work for you.

Back to you

After reading this, you’ll now have the tools to eliminate blackheads forever.

You can use this recipe as a blackhead eliminating mask cleanser.

The method that we gave you here is probably the best blackhead eliminating product on the market.

And the best point is that you can make it yourselves at home without having to ask for the support of the chemist.

Please do not forget that you need to be gentle with you massage the nose.

It may take a couple of applications of the mixture onto your blackhead before you get the final result.

But is worth it.

Speak soon in another Omigy great article.


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