Using anise seed for wrinkles sounds a little weird.

From a purely culinary perspective, we all know anise seeds for their great smell and culinary flavor.

It is used in many different ways such as a flavor in some liquors, used in herb tea, in teas, and as a herbal type remedy.

But who would think that this spice can be used to reduce wrinkles?

Get rid of wrinkles with this anise seeds recipe

Wrinkles are dreadful. They are a normal sign of aging, but still us as women, we hate them.

At the end of the day, we never tell our age. So wrinkles come along and tell the truth about us? 😉

The reality is that we all get them sooner or later. No matter if you are a cinema star or someone that is not famous.

These wrinkles will come along and tell the truth about our age. I simply hate them but have to accept them.

I have to say that some don’t mind them so much.

However, and I include myself in this category, others believe they are the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

It is definitely not the end of the world, but still, I’d personally have them disappearing from my face or at least delay them from appearing if at all possible.

What solutions do we have to fight wrinkles?

In reality, not many. Some of us with a good income would go for surgical procedures.

It is what I would call the promised land of youthfulness, but it is also associated with great risks and dangers.

I am sure that invasive surgical procedures are not the only way to reduce wrinkles.

There must be somehow, somewhere other nonintrusive methods that can make your skin look young again.

Well, yes there are alternative solutions.

And if you are like me and you like natural remedies, then the spice that I am about to present here may be the one for you.

These natural remedies can diminish the appearance of wrinkles significantly.

It can give you a morale boost and a more youthful and radiant look in no time.

The best thing is that the remedy discussed below is completely natural, healthy and cheap.

It is not like going under the surgical knife, so everyone can afford them.

So if you want to get rid of wrinkles, you just need some anise seeds and a little bit of water. Is this easy enough for you?

Below I provide you with a recipe and star anise benefits for wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle recipe using anise seeds

Here’s the recipe I have been telling you about. It does work, so try it. I use it all the time.

The ingredients

  • A teaspoon (or a handful) of anise seeds.
  • 1 glass of water.

Click on the picture if you want to buy anise seeds from your home.

anise seeds

The wrinkle-free anise seeds recipe

First, boil the water in a small pot.

Add the anise seeds to it and let it boiled a bit as if you’re making tea – Make sure that it is a slow boil so that anise spice can come out of the seed without being burnt.

If the anise seed spice gets burnt, then it will not work.

Now, set it aside. It will cool down and allow the anise to further release its active properties.

When cooled, pour the liquid (and only the liquid) in an airtight container.

How to use the anise seeds spice for wrinkles?

This is very easy and you’ll enjoy doing it.

What you have to do is simple. Every morning, when you wake up, aim to wash your face with the lotion.

What I would advise you is to pay special attention to the areas with wrinkles.

Do not forget to put some lotion on your fine lines (these are going to become wrinkles, so aim for these too).

Keep applying the lotion and after a week you’ll start noticing the first results.

Yes, it is not a magical quick and easy remedy where within a minute or two you get results.

Don’t forget any fast anti-aging product has a downside.

If you use them, then you’ll get more wrinkles quicker. You’d ask why?

Well, it is due to the fact that these have active agents that force your skin to do something.

However, these agents have the downside to kill some of your skin properties.

You’ll end up killing these properties, hence more wrinkles in the long term.

Coming back to our remedy, you need time for it to be effective.

You’ll not notice it at first, but as time passes by you’ll see some great results and you’ll be happy as to how effective this remedy is. And it is cheap too.

By the way, you also have other lotions such as anise oil for wrinkles (or what is called star anise oil for wrinkles).

You’ll also find an anise extract for wrinkles. All of these lotions are fine and should work wonders on your face.

However, do not over abuse the ready-made lotions and try to make your own at home. At least you’ll know what’s in it. 🙂


Anise seeds are one of the remedies that you can use to reduce the effect of wrinkles (and sometimes make them disappear).

Because it is what I would call a cheap and cheerful solution, it is a solution that all of us should adopt.

This is definitely better than going the route of Botox or surgical solution.

The outcome is that it will improve your skin quality naturally.

You will be able to save on special creams that have a long term adverse effect on your skin due to their active agents.

The seeds are readily available. I am sure you would have access to water and a small container.

The only downside is that it takes a couple of days for it to react with your skin.

But hey, if you do not like going to work with your wrinkles, you can always start applying this remedy at the start of your vacations.

Then you’ll get back to work as young-looking as ever.

Everyone would ask you, where did you go. You look 20 years younger.

This will be the boost you have been looking for, and that for many years.

Back to you

Now it is back to you. You just need to apply the above recipe and enjoy your new you.

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