Lemon and sugar scrub to lighten skin

Lemon and sugar scrub to lighten skin is a home remedy that is used to lighten dark spots, clean your skin and also reduce wrinkles on the visible areas of your body, like your hands.

What you need to know is that this homemade remedy does not work with everyone. So, please if it does not work with, do not get upset. It is one of those things.

Also, with some, it does work right away, and with others, it requires a couple of applications before you get the wanted results.

Nevertheless, if it does work for you, then you have a cheap homemade sugar and lemon scrub solution.


The lemon and sugar scrub recipe

I put together probably the easiest recipe in the world.

The ingredients

  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar

The preparation

With one single lemon, you can do two lemon and sugar solutions.

Cut the lemon in half.

Take the juice out of one half and store the other half to make another solution later in the week.

Pour the juice in a small bowl.

Add the 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Now mix the lot and you are done.

How to use the lemon and sugar face scrub?

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Apply the solution onto your hand.

Massage your hand with the mixture slowly and nicely performing circular movements.

This will stimulate your skin.

Do this for 2 to 5 minutes.

Let it dry a bit, but do not let it dry fully. Just a little and then rinse with cold water.

You’ll start seeing some difference to your skin.

Can I use lemon and sugar for acne?

Definitely yes. It is highly advisable to do so.

Lemon is a strong antioxidant (1). So, it should do wonders.

And if you have honey, then mix it with the lemon and do not use the sugar.

What you do is to slowly heat up the honey and lemon and mix them well.

When they mixed, wait for the solution to cool a bit.

Apply the solution onto your skin and gently massage. Do not rub or scrub, please.

The solution is a lemon and sugar exfoliator, so it will work without your rubbing or scrubbing. The same can be said for the lemon and honey. They are exfoliators.

How long does it take for lemon juice to lighten dark spots?

You need to apply the sugar and lemon face scrub juice once or twice a day.

If you do so, then you should start seeing some changes after two weeks.

But if you continue doing so for a longer period, then you can potentially get rid of your dark spots after 6 to 8 weeks.

Are lemon and sugar scrub good for your face?

If you consider the above solution, then yes the lemon juice sugar and water recipe is great as a face scrub.

Again, I would advise you to use the solution with gentle circular motions. Note that the lemon plays an important part in tightening your pores.

It also allows you to evens out your skin tone.

On the other hand, sugar removes dead skin cells. But it also cleans up your pores.

If you choose to use honey, know that it prevents future breakouts.


In this post, I described how to make lemonade with lemon juice sugar and water.

I told you how to apply it on your skin, whether it is on your hand or face. You can even use it on your back skin.

You need to know that lemon and sugar scrub lighten your skin, get rid of acne, reduce black spots and wrinkles on your hands as well as your face.

Back to you

I think this is the simplest recipe that one can use to reduce the effect of aging. And this recipe can be used during two very important critical age range.

It can be used for teenagers who have acne and dark spots.

And it can be used for people over 40 who do not like to have wrinkles.

I hope you’ll be using the recipe.

Note that you’ll need a bit of patience to get rid of the acne. This is not an exact science. Getting rid of acne also needs you to eat proper food. No junk food please like oily chips etc.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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