Baking soda shampoo for hair loss & promotes hair growth

Baking soda shampoo for hair loss is not a new method.

It has been out there for a long time and many have used it to stop losing their hair.

At the same, others have used this method to “re-grow their hair”.

The reality is that if your hair is dead, then there is no such product that will help to regrow it.

It is like a plant in your garden. If it is dead, then it is dead.

That is why I would safely say that there is no such thing as regrow your hair.

So, the first point that I do like to make in this article is that you will not regrow your hair with baking soda.

However, you can definitely stop your hair falling by using this baking soda for hair growth method.

Washing hair with baking soda shampoo – The recipe


It is a very simple shampoo recipe mixture. You just need two main ingredients which you may already have in your house. These are baking soda and water. Below is how to make your own baking soda shampoo.

  1. Take some baking soda and mix it together with water. The best ratio is to take 1 part of baking soda powder and mix it with 3 to 4 parts of water to form a paste. Say, if you take 1 cup of powder, then add 3 cups of water (you can go as much as 4 cups of water). You may want to experiment at the beginning as to which ration works best for your hair.
  2. When your paste is ready, scrub it into your hair and on your scalp.
  3. Wait for a minute or two.
  4. Now, rinse clean with warm and not hot or cold water.
  5. It is also best to finish this with the application of a vinegar rinse. Apple vinegar is what I use and it works like a charm for me. The vinegar will ensure that the chemical reaction with baking soda is neutralized and allows your hair to be shiny and healthy. What I do is mix the apple cider vinegar with a mixture ratio of 4 to 1. For instance, take 1 cup of vinegar and 4 cups of water.
  6. Note that at times I also use one or two drops of essential oil to the vinegar mixture.

Brief safety note: I would advise you to protect your eyes when using this mixture. And ensure a full rinse is performed to properly neutralize the chemical reactions. What you need to remember is that baking soda is fairly cheap and chemical-free.

How often should you wash your hair with baking soda?

Baking soda shampoo

There is no right or wrong timeline between two baking soda shampoo hair wash.

It is more of a feeling than anything else.

For instance, if you feel that your hair is a little too dry or start to brittle, then you may first want to reduce the amount of baking soda in your wash.

Second, you may want to give your hair a rest from a baking soda rinse.

On the other hand, if your hair looks shiny, is not dry and does not brittle, then you may want to wash your hair with baking soda once every two weeks.

It would also be best for you to replace your shampoo and only use baking soda during each wash.

Like this, you remove any interference between chemicals available in the Shampoo and the baking soda.

What are the advantages of using baking soda in hair?

There are a number of key benefits in using the baking soda hair washing technique. Below we highlight a couple of these.

Washing hair with baking soda

1- Support hair Growth

You note that I did not say support “new hair growth” as I already told you that when your hair is dead, then there is no hope for it to regrow.

However, if you use the baking soda hair washing paste, and your hair is weak, then it may recover from this condition.

What does baking soda do to your hair?

The paste you are going to make with baking soda powder will clean your hair in a natural way.

It will remove the different chemicals that are killing it, and allow it to breathe a bit as it should.

You’ll end up with a healthy scalp and hair.

2- Remove chemical residue

Many of the hair products that you may be using have an impact on your hair.

And this account for any cream, shampoo or other.

At some point, your hair will not be able to deal with these products and the chemicals that are in there.

At that time, your hair will start dying. It will get sick and slowly die.

The only way to recover is to do a complete reset. This is exactly what baking soda and vinegar for hair do.

Basically, when you apply the paste onto your hair and scalp, it will start removing all of the leftovers from the chemicals and any other bad product left over.

It will remove the chemicals from your shampoo, your hair spray, and even your conditioner leftover.

Basically, you’ll have the hair you were born with without traces of human chemical interactions.

3- Get rid of chlorine

This benefit is for the swimmers really.

We all know how damaging is chlorine to your hair. (1) (2)

And if you are a professional swimmer or even a person that swims two to three times a week, then you’ll know that your hair and scalp are negatively affected by this chemical.

In fact, chlorine is so strong that in some cases, it can even change your hair color.

The good news is that baking soda can remove the chlorine from your scalp and hair.

And using baking soda as shampoo can protect your hair from damaging.

Is baking soda is good for hair?

Baking soda for hair

Again there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

However, there is a word of caution. Baking soda has an abrasive composition.

As such baking soda is a good cleaner for almost everything and anything.

However, and like anything else, if you use too much of it it can hurt you.

If you have over-sensitive skins, it may be better for you to stay away from using baking soda.

What I want to make sure you understand is that Baking soda is an alkaline product.

So, if you do not dilute it properly, then it will damage your hair rather than heal them.

So, please follow up on the above guidelines, and if you are still unsure about using the baking soda shampoo, then dilute the powder even more for the first few times.

When you get used to using it, you can vary the composition, but never to a ration lower tan 3 to 1.


Baking soda has been used for a long time as a substitute shampoo for hair.

And it has worked for thousands of people.

It is safe to use if you follow the guidelines and never reduce the ratio we provided you with.

If you have sensitive skin, then you better avoid using this treatment.

And do not forget to use vinegar to rinse your hair thoroughly with warm luke water.

Back to you

Here it is, you have the formula to clear your hair and to reset them.

If you use the formula every two to three weeks, you should give your hair a rest and they grow back slowly, unless they are dead.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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