All my life, I have had issues with my hair. I wake up in the morning and start crying in front of the mirror because I could not get straight hair.

Straight hair using natural products with no chemicals

Obviously, hair care is an integral part of taking care of our bodies, especially for women. It is also an integral part of women’s mental health.

At the end of the day, your face and your hair are two things that are so apparent to others. So if your hair is nice, smooth, colorful and full of life, then you can only feel better in your body.

In that light, I decided to present you some valuable tips to keep your hair healthy, smooth, soft, and silky. Hopefully, you’ll like it.

Why do we want straight hair?

Straight, shiny and smooth hair is always fashionable and looks attractive on any face type.

Likewise, you can wear straight hair free-flowing or style it in various ways. They make you feel sexy without extravagance.
You can put your hand in your to release a bit of tension at times.
So overall, smooth and silky hair is the dream of many, but only a few can pretend to it.

What are the methods used for straight hair?

There are so many methods for this. Some are ok, such as using heat devices (hair straighteners) to achieve this. But these devices kill our hair if you overuse them. In the long run, the hair dies and starts falling.

As such it is best to use these moderately. Once a week at the most so that your hair can recover from being ‘burnt’.

So many great fashion women have overused these devices that they are without hair (almost bold). They are now forced to use wigs.

I repeat myself – You can use these devices, but use them moderately. ONCE A WEEK is much more than enough.

Hair straightener


Another method is to use chemicals.

Many individuals without naturally straight hair use chemical treatments. Their aim is to get rid of waves and curls.

Likewise, various beauty salons provide hair-straightening services with instant results.

However, the finished look only lasts a limited time before the hair starts showing the side effect of the harsh chemicals used during treatment.

The effects can include allergy, dry hair. and worse complete hair loss.

That’s why you should use natural hair treatment.

Here is a video that explains how to straighten your hair without the use of chemicals. It is a homemade recipe that has work for many of my friends including myself:





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