How to choose the right perfume for winter?

Different seasons have different flavors. Spring and summer are “reserved” mainly for passenger and floral aromas and colder periods of the year came with the scent of musk, wood, and oriental notes. While summer fragrances are designed to make a woman feel calm and balanced, winter targets the sexy appearance and sense of femininity.

It should be borne in mind that the characteristics of each perfume depend on the body of each person. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, you need a flavor that is stronger. If the type of your skin tends to be oily – lighter flavor.


Here’s what else you need to know to select the right perfume.

1. Seasonal perfumes
For a perfume are known that are able to induce different moods. For this reason we have rich aromas and sweet notes as amber, vanilla and cinnamon. There are different perfumes that combine top notes of orange, caramel, lemon, honey and fruit.

2. Wood notes
Ideal for the colder months and dinners are earth tones and, in particular wood perfumes. They usually have notes like sandalwood, patchouli and cedar, creating not just rich but natural flavor. Wood notes are easy and flexible to wear.

3. Oriental notes
These perfumes are the strongest of all. With sensual notes and rich hues, scents they are quite heavy blends, but complement each other perfectly vanilla, musk, flowers and oriental resins. Most oriental perfumes have combined with spicy fruit tones to “warm” wood ones. Flavors with oriental touches are very appropriate choice for a corporate environment, evening events and special occasions.

4. Floral notes
They have a strong presence of flowery aromas. If you prefer floral notes, select rose, jasmine and lavender for the winter season. These fragrances are very feminine without intruding unnecessarily and are suitable for every day.

5. Fruit notes
Fruity perfumes are very specific with its freshness and spicy flavor. They are more suitable for young people and are a good choice for the cold months of the year. In winter, perfumes of this type bring a sense of warmth. If you prefer classic flavors, but you want to bet on a modern note, this is the right way.


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