CLOGGED PORES – The secret to get rid of them naturally

This the first article in a series of five, where I will address the secrets to get rid of clogged pores, moles, warts, blackheads, and skin tags.

I know quite a lot about clogged pores, as I have been a victim of this and still, nowadays I sometimes have a rush. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot through time about my body and I am using these simple tricks to get rid of them.

Get rid of pores on your face

What are pores on your skin and face?

What causes pores’ problems and clogged pores?

In essence, every single person on earth will one day have skin breakouts and other skin issues. You can do all you want, your body will respond negatively to some food, or soap or other, and inevitably you’ll have a pore.

Obviously, this is emotionally very difficult to deal with, especially if you have a very strong public life. If you do not know this, pores are mainly caused by a change in your lifestyle or some form of hormonal imbalance.

So the less you change your lifestyle, the better it is for you. But what about the hormonal imbalance?

Having said so, the most likely reason for the pores to grow is the build-up of too much secretion of sebum. But they can also be caused by dry and dead skin cells. At other times, these can get clogged with some dirt and filth that surrounds us.

Below I list some of the most common reasons that can lead to clogged pores.

What happens when pores get clogged?

CLOGGED PORESSimply put, pores build up through time. They start to make your skin look bumpy. When the bump gets bigger, it is at that time that we can call this bump a clogged pore.

So the bigger they grow, the more clogged they get. What happens is that they get filled with black or yellowish substances.

The negative side of things is that many people do not seem to take this seriously enough.

What you need to know is that they need to be removed At the end of the day, they somehow destroy the smooth appearance of your skin.

But you may feel it is not that important to remove or clean them. Well, let me tell you that it is.

If you don’t clean them, they have the tendency of becoming infected over time with all of the bad consequences we know.

Are clogged pores bad for you?

How to best clean and reduce pores on face?

There are different schools for this. Below I summarize the two steps that I use and I found work best.

Step 1 – Do I have to open pores without steam?

A number of people would tell you not to do this. But I have to say that steaming has worked wonders with me. In fact, it has helped me to unclog my pores very naturally.

The first step is to wash the location where the clogged pore has appeared. Then heat up some water till it is steaming. Put your head over the pot containing the steaming water. Note that you need to be careful here. Too hot and too steaming is not good.

Make sure it is the right temperature. Cover your head with a towel. The aim is to expose the region that has the clogged pores as much as possible.

Keep your head on top of the steam for about 10 to 15 minutes. Now you can rinse your face with warm water (not cold please). The final step is to clean your face with some (and I say some not plenty) apple cider vinegar. This will get rid of the debris.

Step 2 – Sugar scrubbing

This is what I do a couple of days after doing step 1. Note that I interchange steps 1 and 2 depending on the state of my skin. Scrubbing or what others would call exfoliating the skin is a very effective way to remove your clogged pores.

Here you are using this step as a prevention factor and not a means to remove clogged pores. In essence, your aim is to prevent your pores from getting clogged by some impurities.

By doing so you restore your skin naturally healthy-looking.

What you need to do is combine sugar and lemon. Pour some sugar on a lemon and try to make a thick paste.

When you are ready, rub this onto the affected areas of your skin gently. Best to do a circular gentle motion.

When you have rubbed the different areas of your skin, you just need to rinse with warm water. And done.


Et voila, you now the causes for clogged pores and you know a two-step solution to get rid of them. You just need to get on with it. Get some steam ready and get rid of them.

Don’t forget one thing. If you are subjected to pores issues, then make sure that you watch your diet. Anything that deals with oily or fatty diet can lead to an increase in clogged pores.

Back to you

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