How to deal with chronic pain without painkillers?

Anti-inflammatory pills are associated with heart failure. Therefore worth a try some risk-free alternatives for pain relief.

Whether you have an old sports injury or hurt your back by sitting at the desk cured without use of paracetamol or ibuprofen analgin.

Most people suffer from chronic pain – back, waist, leg muscles, but it is how to deal with them without medication.

Here are 10 ways:
1. Drink beer

According to scientists from the University of Oregon beer is useful for the bones. Rich in hops and barley spirits provide silicon, which seals skeleton.

2. Go to the sauna

Scientists believe that 30 minutes stay in the sauna strengthens bones because it provokes the secretion of human growth hormone. The heat also provides greater blood flow to the skeletal system.

3. Jump Rope

The researchers argue that soft drinks decreased by 4% bone density, because of their content of caffeine and phosphoric acid that draws calcium.

5. Eat chicken soup

Boil your chicken and make soup, chicken soup or stew. According to scientists, this soup / broth a rich source of collagen as well as many minerals that build denser bones and soothe the pain-causing inflammation.

6. Eat foods rich in vitamin K

Vitamin K is the unsung hero of skeletal health as it supports the function of osteoblasts (bone-building cells). Eat leafy vegetables or take vitamin K supplementation.

7. ride aboard

According to scientists, sports that are associated with maintaining the balance of the body have dual benefits for muscles and body. So skating, skateboarding, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding and so on..

8. Give up cigarettes

Cigarettes inhibit the absorption of vitamin D in the body, which in turn is essential for the absorption of calcium, thus increasing the risk of fracture.


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