Doctors Will Never Tell You This: 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate Under The Shower!

As strange as this article may seem to you, or disgusting, you should know that after you read it, you will see that the following four reasons to use urine do make sense and are justified.

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  • You Are Saving the Planet

If you urine in the shower, you will manage to save up to 27 percent of the water flow, in this way, you won’t need to flush the toilet. This was actually stated and confirmed by the Agency for Environmental Protection.

  • Wound Disinfection

You can disinfect scratches and scars using fresh urine. It will help you cleanse your wounds, alleviate the pain and relax the tissues. Nevertheless, in case that the wound is serious, you will have to go to your doctor.

  • Skin Care

If you suffer from eczema or rushes, you should use urine as a treatment. Furthermore, urea is used as an active ingredient in numerous creams and oils for skincare. Urea is beneficial for the skin as it balances its pH and it is also excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

  • End of Fungi Problem

Get rid of the ugly and annoying fungal infection on your feet using urine. You should only apply it to the skin affected by fungi, and you will get surprising results in a very short time, only after several days.


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