I have always wanted to be able to provide a Bye Bye Fungal Infection remedy to a friend of mine.

I did give him many and documented on this website some information about fungal including the new deadly fungal and others:

During the hot summer days we are all dealing the same problem, our feet sweat more. Sweating increases the chances of developing infections in the toe area.

However, for some people this is also occurring during winters. For instance for people leaving near the equator, where the weather is hot all year around.

For these people, fungal and fungi are just a nightmare. So some experts have some weird recommendations. But what is weird for us, is just right for them.

Bye Bye fungal infectionHow to say bye bye fungal infection – What experts say

Many medical experts highly recommend that we all should walk barefoot as much as possible. The reason is that you do not sweat when you are barefoot.

Also, you do not have issues with socks or shoes or any other type of foot protection equipment.

Obviously, it’s extremely important for you and your health to take care of your feet during the hot summer days. And that’s why you should be bare foot.

What if you really need to wear something?

What you need to do is to always avoid using nylon socks and most definitely avoid shoes with synthetic insoles.

But, if you already have problems with fungal infections, we are going to show you some extremely efficient and natural homemade treatments.

All you have to do is soak your feet in the below.

Bye bye fungal infection with yogurt


This food contains the live bacteria – acidophilus. This is why it’s an extremely efficient remedy for any type of foot infections that usually develop in the area between the nails and toes.

It also contains the friendly type of microorganisms, which are destroying fungal infections very efficiently.

You can soak your feet in yogurt, or you can just rub yogurt all over your feet and leave it dry. When it’s dried, wash your feet with cold water.

Oh – By the way, try to get a natural yogurt. No need for you to flavor them with vanilla or strawberry. Unless you like these flavors.


I made sure that this article is as short as possible and as to the point as possible too. The idea was that if you have fungal infection, you want to have a quick an easy answer available to you.

Well here it is. You just need yogurt. And a fungal too! Do this for a few days and you should get wonderful results.

Also, do not forget to not wear inappropriate shoes such as synthetic ones.

If you avoid these shoes, then you should reduce some of your problems.

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