GET RID OF MOLES – 3 easy natural remedies you won’t regret using

This is the third article in the series of five discussing warts, blackheads, moles, and skin tags. It is concerned with 3 natural remedies you can use to get rid of moles.
Get rid of skin moles using 3 natural remedies

I have had and I still have a couple of moles on my body. I have had to remove one of them due to that it was infected. So I can speak about moles from an experienced point of view.

I’ll first tell you what is a mole and then I shall let you know about the remedies.

What are moles and how they form?

If you have moles, then you need to blame your melanocytes. Melanocytes are the pigmented cells that make the color of your skin.

When you have a mole, then it is the accumulation of melanocytes in one single location of your skin that creates it. In other words, a large group of melanocytes gets close to each other and this group forms a mole.

They come into two main colors, either brown or black. Usually, they grow on your skin before the age of 30. Therefore, they affect children, teenagers, and adults.

Most of the time, they are flat. But there are instances where they can grow bigger. They can darken when you expose them to the sun, during your pregnancy or at puberty.

So my first and foremost advice is, if you have a mole, make sure you do not expose it to the sun. If you cannot, then use a very high-quality sun protection cream to avoid issues.

How to get rid of skin moles?

There are many different methods that you can use to get rid of skin moles. You can choose to use surgery, cream or healthy natural remedies. If you chose the latter, then I have 3 methods that I’ll share with you below.

1- Mole removal using garlic

This is not my favorite method for skin mole removal. I have to be honest. But it is the most effective one. So I want to share it with you.

You can use any type of garlic extract. However, for best results, it is best to use a naturally grown plain garlic.

If you chose this effective method to treat your mole, then make sure to protect your skin surrounding first. You can use masking tape, plastic, or a cream. This is very important as garlic will burn your skin.

Do not apply the protection to your mole though. Here is how to use the garlic to kill your mole.

Apply the garlic (or the extract) onto the mole. Now secure it with a bandage. Leave the bandage and garlic to work on the mole for 3 to 4 hours.

Keep repeating this process until the mole disappear.  Note that you must do this once a day only. This will allow killing the mole and time for your skin to regenerate.

2- Get rid of moles using Apple Cider Vinegar

This mole removal treatment using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is extremely effective. It is very easy to use too.

What you have to do is to soak a cotton ball (or other) in the ACV. Put the cotton onto the mole. As per the above method, you just need to use a bandage to secure it.

You can use a medical tape too or anything else that you find suitable to keep the cotton in place. The best thing to do is to do this overnight. Leave it to rest for about 8 hours.

Note that the mole will blacken. That is normal. It is dying. So do not worry. After a couple of times, it shall fall off your skin.

3- Castor Oil and Baking Soda

The third and final solution uses both castor oil and baking soda. This method is also effective, but less than the above two.

Nevertheless, remember that we are different and our skins are also different. So if both of the above methods do not work, then use this one. It should.

Mix both the castor oil with a little bit of baking soda. Try to create some gummy type paste.

When you’re done, just apply it onto your mole.

Use a bandage to secure it. Leave it to work overnight. In the morning, remove the paste and rinse. Do not rub, please.

Repeat till the moll fall off.

Note that it is the discutient characteristic of castor oil that destroys a number of pathogen clusters in the body. Remember the word cluster? A cluster of Melanocytes is what makes moles.

So if you destroy the cluster, then you destroy the mole. Castor oil is also used to remove tumors and other forms of swellings, cysts, etc.

Where to find the ingredients to get rid of moles?

You can find these at many locations. I mean, you should have some garlic, baking soda, and ACV at home. The probably difficult one would be the castor oil? Anyway, I give you a link below where you can find these ingredients. Just click here or on the picture to access the products.

Castor oil to get rid of moles naturally


In this post, I told you how moles can be removed. I also told you how moles form, what moles are and three methods to get rid of moles.

The three methods are very simple to use and are very effective. They use garlic, apple cider vinegar and castor oil with baking soda.

All of the ingredients can be found locally and I have even given you a link to get Castor oil. So no excuse really. Now you are ready to get rid of moles.

Back to you

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