The line of angel on your hand – You’re really lucky if you have it

Do you have the line of an angel on your hand?

This is a good question. But do you have a line of heart?

Or even, do you have the line of luck?

Many people think or believe that we are not equal when it comes to being lucky.

And it is true. Some people are luckier than others.  Some are better in business, and others are really good at cooking or gardening.

But can that be detected on the palm of your hand?

I mean, when you have a certain line configuration on your hand, a storyteller will tell you that you are lucky, or will marry a handsome man, etc.

They’ll even tell you that you may have a guardian angel. And that angel will watch over you when you are faced with a difficult situation.

This so-called line of an angel is parallel to the line of life for some. See the below picture.

the line of angel

But for others, this is another line on your hand. Who is right or wrong?

I cannot tell you who. But I can give you a real story from someone who has the above red line on his hand.

That person is my brother. He has this line too.

The story of the angel line in my brother’s hand

My brother almost lost his life a couple of years ago.

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There was a burglary at the local shop and the guy had a weapon.

He shot at my brother and for some reason he missed him.

Since that day we call said he had a nice little angel with him.

Till someone said, did you check his hand?

I replied that I did not know what she was talking about.

We called my brother and she asked him: do you have the line of an angel on your hand?

And he said yes.

That’s where I looked into this line of hands. I also found out that I had the line of an angel too, and so are my children.

But does that make us different?

I do not think so. I believe that I am like you and like everyone else.

I may have escaped a dangerous accident or two. But I do not think this is because of this line.

Anyway, this is my thought. I truly hope you have the line of angel anyway.

Like this, you’ll be safe.


I am very skeptical about this line of angel business. But I cannot keep thinking about the day we almost lost my brother.

I still say that he had an angel looking after him.

But I cannot believe that a line on a hand will protect him.

Back to you

I may be lucky in life at times and unlucky at other times. But I do not think that it is the line in my hand that dictates this.

I have to say that I like to think that this line has something to do with some of my luck.

But I am like everyone else. One day I am lucky and another day, I am less so.

So whether or not you have this line does not really matter.

The only thing that matters is that you are healthy, your family is healthy, and that there no trouble on the horizon.

Speak soon on another Omigy article.

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