Meal plan build muscles

Meal Plan Build Muscles


4 Eggs, 1oz Raw Cheddar with 1 cup of Quinoa

32 oz Berry Banana Smoothie with Coconut Milk and Protein Powder

GF Pancakes made with 3 eggs, GF Flour, Pumpkin, Blueberries and topped with Pure Maple Syrup and Almond Butter Cream of Brown Rice, 4oz Amasai, 1/4 cup Almond Butter and Protein Powder

2 GF Breakfast burritos


Super Muscle Shake


8oz Green-Fed stir fry (1 tsp Turmeric), 1 cup Quinoa 2 Chicken Breasts, Sweet Potato, and Salad 8oz Venison with 1 cup Kidney Beans and 1 cup Brown Rice 4 Green-fed Hot Dogs with 1oz Raw Cheese, Brown rice, and vegetables 6oz Organic sliced turkey on Ezekiel bread with a superfood salad


2oz Raw Cheese on Flax Crackers 1/3 cup Almond Butter with Apple Super Muscle Shake Green-fed beef jerky


Super Muscle Shake


Green-fed Burger (1tsp Turmeric in mix), Raw cheddar, Quinoa and Broccoli GF Chicken Tenders with 1 cup Beans and Mixed Vegetables Green-fed Hot dogs with 1 Sweet Potato and Spinach Salmon Patties with Big Salad with 1 tsp Turmeric Turkey Burger on Ezekiel Bread with mashed faux-tatoes Note: Along with following the eating plan, Weight Train 3-6x a week and do minimal cardio.


1. Sessions should last 30-60 minutes.

2. 15-30 different exercises and 8-10 reps for the upper body, legs should be 10-15 reps.

3. Also, I superset most days doing two exercises in a row like pull-ups and push-ups to save time.

4. Cardo, do 10-20 minutes of burst training at the end of weight training workouts or on of days.dita mst is

Your Enemies

In all superhero movies there are supervillains. There’s always a bad guy who comes along and threatens the entire human race. Superman had Lex Luther and Batman had The Joker. Here are the food villains you’ll want to stay away from while living the SuperFood life.


It can mean doomsday if you’re eating hydrogenated oils on a regular basis. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “the risk of cardiovascular disease rises 23% for every 2% increase in calories from trans fats consumed every day”. Trans fats are partially hydrogenated oils that have been linked to heart problems such as heart disease and obesity.

Hydrogenated oils are known to raise LDL cholesterol levels that allow cholesterol to build up as plaque, narrowing arteries and eventually causing heart disease and strokes. But that’s not all. These hydrogenated oils also lower good cholesterol, which supports your brain and ability to heal. The main villains of hydrogenated oils that you want to stay away from are corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and canola oil.


Conventional meat and dairy products can be more toxic than Venom. The saying, “you are what you eat” is never truer than with meat and dairy products. Your body will absorb all the toxins and contaminants of what you eat along with the nutrients, so it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re putting on your plate.

A recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry confirmed that one glass of conventional pasteurized milk bought from the grocery store contains 20 chemicals including antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, statin drugs, and pain killers – all of which are routinely used to treat diseased animals.

The average American eats 60 pounds of beef per year, yet the majority of cattle are raised commercially in unnatural conditions. Calves balloon from 80 to 1200 pounds in 14 months by feeding them on grains, protein supplements, drugs, antibiotics, and hormones. Beef is also treated with gamma rays to kill bacteria, but the radiation of meat and foods has produced radiolytic by-products raising serious health concerns.

However, if raw milk is sourced from healthy grass-fed cows, it can be a healthy superfood that’s contaminant and infection-free.


Artificial sweeteners are the Joker of the food industry and aren’t as sweet as you might think. Sucralose, better known as Splenda, is created by chlorinating sucrose replacing hydroxyl with chlorine, which is a known carcinogen.

As well as being a health risk, sucralose appears to actually cause weight gain, possibly because it still triggers the release of insulin, which is thought to induce people to actually eat more. In a report from an official United States Air Force publication, pilots were warned not to consume aspartame. The report stated, “Aspartame has been investigated as a possible cause of brain tumors, mental retardation, birth defects, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Diabetes.”

To date, the FDA has made no move to regulate aspartame, which is sold as NutraSweet or Equal. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used as a favor-enhancer yet it can cause side effects such as sweating, flushing, nausea, headaches and even numbness in the face and neck. It has also been linked to weight gain, according to studies by the University of North Carolina who found that those who consumed MSG on a regular basis were more likely to be overweight or obese.


Processed grains and sugars are like Kryptonite to the human body. White bread, pasta, rice, sugary cereals, pastries, crackers, and candy aren’t only un-nutritious, they are actually anti-nutrients.

These foods that are sugar-based or immediately turn into sugar once ingested into your system, actually leach vitamins out of your cells. Ever hit the 2 pm carb coma at your workplace from eating a big carbohydrate loaded lunch?

That is in part because processed grains and sugars are actually sucking the life out of you! Our bodies are designed as hunter-gatherers, yet our modern-day diets are high in carbohydrates, processed grains, and sugar.

We consume far too much bread, cereal, pasta, rice and twinkies than we should and our bodies are protesting! Those who are suffering from overweight, fatigue, insomnia, depression, foggy brain, bloating, low blood sugar, high blood pressure or high triglycerides need to change their diet – pronto – before it literally becomes the death of you.

Refined carbohydrates are derived from processed grains that have had most of the nutrients removed. Refined grains are the main ingredients in bread, bagels, cereal, and pasta. They‘re known as “empty calories” as they’re stripped of nutrients, fiber and B vitamins.


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