If You Have A Mole At One Of These 7 Places On Your Body, This Is What It Means. You Will Be Surprised!

Moles are commonly found on everyone’s bodies. Some have too many moles while others have very few.

The size of the moles varies from person to person. However, there are a few special places on your body, and it is said that if you have a mole in those areas, it indicates something about you and your personality. Want to know more about it? Read on!

1. A Mole On Your Cheekbone


Well, this is where most people have one or more moles. This mole indicates that you hold a powerful position in your workplace and are financially lucky.

2. A Mole On Your Foot.

A mole on your foot shows that you love traveling. You love experiencing new things. You’re so passionate about traveling, you don’t even mind going on trips alone. People with a mole on their foot are also popular in their workplace and have inherent leadership qualities.

3. A Mole In Between The Eyebrows.

The area in between the eyebrows is linked to development and advancement in your career. If you have a mole there, it means you will have a stable and successful career.

4. A Mole On Your Palm.

This is one thing that most palm readers notice. If you have a mole on your palm, it means you’ll never face financial problems. You are a leader, and you will make an awesome life partner.

5. A Mole On The Upper Lip.

People with a mole on the upper lip are quite famous in their friends’ circle. They are also considered as flirts sometimes. They have great interpersonal skills and are quite selective about their clothing.

6. A Mole On The Temple.

A mole here is again linked to travel opportunities. People who have this mole enjoy traveling, but most of the time, they travel for work.

7. A Mole In Between Your Eyes And Eyebrows.

Very few people have a mole in this area, and the ones who have it are considered to be lucky. They have great leadership skills and easily adapt to any company.

So, do you have any mole(s) in any of the above-mentioned positions? If yes, do you relate to the above points? Share your views in the comments section below.


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