“Do not go out with wet hair” – How long are you not allowed outside after you wash your hair?

We all have heard this one day or another: “Do not go outside with wet hair! Now out of the bath!”.

Usually, it’s a sentence addressed by mothers and grandmothers to us and we now find ourselves saying the same thing to our children.

But is this a nonsense idea that comes from someone who we never met or not even knew existed.

Well, the good news is that scientists have discovered that this habit can bring serious negative consequences to your health.

If you go out with wet hair, you may suffer from terrible headaches to meningitis. And we all know what meningitis is, and what it can cause to your life. It is a life-threatening illness and we all want to stay away from meningitis.

You may well think that you are protected because your hair is completely dried after using one of those hot fans, then you may want to reconsider.

What you need to keep in mind is that although your hair is dry, moisture is retained in the hair follicle.

washing hair

Hours after washing your hair head, skin pores open as absorb water. Hence, your own highly valuable immune system will be exposed to harmful outside weather conditions. In this case, even a little breeze and worse a strong wind can hurt you.

In essence, the simplest consequences of going out with just-washed hair can lead to major headaches (I had those) and colds (I had these too), sinus inflammation (no comment), and in some cases might happen and something much worse. Inflammation of the nerves of the muscles that control facial and meningitis (I am lucky not to have been faced with this).

Do not be afraid of the above risks, but these are the facts.

This washing hair and hair drying job is too seriously to return that “good Mom / Grandma, I know you.”

If you use a dryer, it would be good to stay in a warm place for about 1 to 2 hours. Yes, that’s how much it may take for your hair and pores to stabilize a bit.

If you want to wait for your hair to naturally dry, you have to be patient and enjoy a long wait in between 5 to 6 hours.

In the cold months, I would highly suggest that you should stay inside and only wash your hair at night when you are not going out.


Just remember this, best to keep away from that breeze and wind while your scalp and hair are still wet or humid. No more headaches and no danger of contracting meningitis.

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