“Do not go out with wet hair” – How long are you not allowed outside after you wash your hair?

All several times in life we heard “Do not go outside with wet hair! Now out of the bath! “Usually, it’s a sentence addressed by mothers and grandmothers.Whether and how right? Or however and this is another nonsense?

As scientists discover, this habit can bring serious consequences from terrible headaches to meningitis.

If you thought you protected because the hair completely is dried with a fan, keep in mind that although the hair is dry, moisture is retained in the hair follicle.


Hours after washing hair head pores open as absorb water. Hence the immune system is exposed to harmful influences. In this case the wind can hurt you.

The simplest consequences of going out with just washed hair, headaches and colds, sinus inflammation, and in some cases might happen and something much worse – inflammation of the nerves of the muscles that control facial and meningitis.

Do not be afraid, but this job is too seriously to return that “good Mom / Grandma, I know you.”

If you use a dryer, it would be good to stay in a warm 1-2 hours, and if you want your hair to naturally dry, you have to be patient goals 5-6 hours.

In the cold months that follow must protect the cap.

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