Nutmeg wrinkle recipe that also works for scars and stains

My nutmeg wrinkle recipe is what I have been asked about lately by my friends and family.

Some people in my surroundings like the fact that I do not have many wrinkles. And they ask me what type of cream I use.

To that, I answer that it is a homemade recipe that works very well for me.

So I end up giving my little recipe, which takes less than 5 minutes to make and that works extremely well for wrinkles, scars, and stain.

So, if you ask me if I know why everyone wants their skin to look nice, then I’d say yes, it is to look pretty (or feel that way at least 🙂  ).

But if you ask me if I understand why we spend big money on expensive treatments, then I’d say no, as I feel and have experienced that there is no need for this.

I need to confess that I have tried a couple of ‘pharmaceutical type’ products, and they usually don’t work (in fact they did not work at all with me).

Below, I decided to provide you with a simple, yet effective solution and an almost free option for wrinkles, stains, and scars.

It is fairly easy to make and is a natural remedy.

The nutmeg wrinkle (1) recipe I am describing below will smoothen your skin and make it glow again.

I don’t promise that you’ll be 20 years old again, but you’ll tend to reduce about 5 to 10 years by just applying the below steps.

So it is worth a try.

You’ll be amazed to learn that the main ingredient of this recipe is honey (2).

What honey does is improving the blood flow just under your skin. By doing so, it excites the skin’s cells and you get a glowing face.

But the other ingredient that does help your skin is nutmeg. This ingredient works as a catalyst and supports the transfer of honey from your skills to the blood cells.

At the end of this recipe, and when you’ll have tried it, you’ll see for yourselves that the facial mask will eliminate blemishes.

It is also effective in removing acne and stains on your face.

And the beauty of this nutmeg wrinkle and a honey recipe is that it won’t take a lot of your time to prepare.

Below are the ingredients, the preparation and how to apply the recipe.


Ingredients for the nutmeg wrinkle recipe


First, you need to mix all the ingredients in a container such as a small bowl.

Mix the ingredient till you get a thick paste.

You can choose to add a little bit more honey to the mixture. That’s extremely important if you have very sensitive skin.

I  don’t know if you know this, but honey is one of those ingredients that can relieve any type of inflammation on or in your skin.

I want you to be careful though. If you suffer from rosacea (3) then I would not recommend adding honey.

The reason is that honey can dilate the blood vessels.

By the way, you can always add white or green clay to the mask.

Obviously, if the mask becomes too thick, you just need to add a little bit of water.

Applying the nutmeg wrinkle mask

Before you do anything, please go and wash your face with lukewarm water.

You can use some soap if you want, though I tend not to use it.

Wait for your face to dry up.

For an outstanding result, you can use your favorite moisturizer (cream or homemade one).

When your face is dried up or the moisturizer has been absorbed by your skin, it is time to apply the nutmeg wrinkle.

You just need to apply the mask to the areas that have been affected by wrinkles, stain, and scars.

By the way, it is normal if you feel a tingle.

This means your mask is working in the affected areas.

Unfortunately, there are no quick solutions to wrinkles and stain. You will need to repeat the process every day for quite some time. At least two weeks.

But the results will be worthwhile.

You’ll enjoy it. You’ll feel reborn really.

Your skin will be smoother than ever.


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