Stop Putting These Things On Your Face, Number 8 Will Shock You

Nowadays, the internet is piled up with DIY techniques and tips for all sorts of things including skincare. Some of them can do wonders, while others not, and it all depends upon the skin type that you have.

However, in this article, we will present to you some of them that should definitely be avoided because they are not healthy for your skin and won’t provide the desired results.


1.Hot Water

Those people who love hot, steamy showers should be careful because everything in excess can lead to many troubles. For instance, having a steamy bath can soft and attack the protective shield of your skin. as a result of that, the moisture will escape which will lead to dryness.


People usually use Vaseline in order to make their skin soft and moisturized, but applying too much of it can lead to more pimples and dry conditions later on.


People from all over the world have the habit of applying toothpaste on their skin in order to get rid of acne. Even though it is logical to put something cold on what’s born out of the heat in the body, still can work the other way around. For instance, toothpaste can cause irritation to the extent of causing burns and even leaving scars.


There are many people who believe that applying hairspray on a pimple will dry it out, which can be true. On the other hand, if it goes wrong, hairspray on your skin can also clog the pores and add up to the irritation.

5.Hydrogen Peroxide

While hydrogen peroxide is allowed to be used in the prevention of infections of minor cuts and burns, people should never use it to treat acne since it can lead to inflammation and numerous other allergic reactions on the skin.


Avoid the consumption of alcohol not only to protect your liver but also for better skincare. Even though we all use alcohol on an open wound to prevent the infection from spreading, we should never apply it on our face because it may dissolve our skin cells leaving you with dead skin cells and very unhealthy skin.

7.Body Lotion

Body lotion must never be applied on the face because the skin on your body is thicker and more resistant than that of your face. This means that the body lotion is actually more aromatic than moisturizing.


Many people use sugar as a scrub and they make facial scrubs as well, but it can also do more harm than good. While sugar may do wonders for your feet or body, because the skin there is thicker, it can cause impairment to your facial skin because it is more soft and sensitive.

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