WARTS REMEDY – Finally 4 great grand mother solutions how to treat warts

This is the second article in a series of 5. It is concerned with warts remedy. In this article, I give you what is the cause behind warts. I also tell you 4 great natural treatments that you can use at home to get rid of them.

warts remedy

What is a wart?

First, warts can be recognized through mucous membranes or small bumps on the skin. They are mainly caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. The usual treatment for this issue involves freezing or the use of salicylic acid. Wrapping warts in duct tape is another method of treatment. However, the following solutions are must-try.

Warts remedy – What cure warts?

Here are four great grand-mother type remedies that you can try home to get rid of your warts.

1- Bananas warts treatment

This is probably the easiest wart removal technique ever. You buy bananas. Then you peel it. Finally, you eat the inside and you rub the interior of the skin against your wart.

Nothing is easier than this. Note that eating the banana does not do anything with how warts are removed. It is only for you not to through away the fruit.

Use this wart treatment every night for two to three weeks before going to bed. The wart should disappear during or shortly after the treatment ends.

Even better, if you can do this a couple of times a day.

2- How warts die with garlic

Garlic has proven to be good for so many diseases that one should not be surprised to see it appear here. This is probably how to make warts go away fastest.

If you can find garlic juice or make it then use it. If not peel some garlic and crush it. Apply the garlic onto the wart at night and cover it for a couple of hours.

Similarly, if you use garlic juice, juice use clothes, and some cotton. Pour garlic juice on the cotton. Apply on warts and hold the cotton with the clothing. That’s it.

Normally it would take a maximum of 3 weeks to get rid of the wart. It can take a little lower though, sometimes about 2 weeks.

The downside of this method is that there is a strong garlic smell That is why it best to apply it at night. In addition, for better results, you need to do this twice a day. Not the best solution when you go to work, but it is a highly effective solution.

3- How warts die with pure raw honey

Interestingly, natural honey is really good to kill warts. Again the method is very simple.

Take some natural honey and rub it on warts. Then apply a nice and clean a bandage.

Now you go to bed. When you wake up, remove the bandage and rinse. Let it dry naturally.

What is good about this method is that warts disappear, but do not re-appear thereafter. A safe, clean and easy method to get rid of warts. And it is not smelly either. Safe to go to work during the day.

4- Apple cider vinegar to cure warts

I like this option to cure them and how warts fall off your skin. You just need Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

First, you soak a little bit of cotton with ACV. Apply the cotton ball onto your wart and secure it with a bandage.

Leave the bandage overnight. Do this for a week or two. The wart should disappear soon.

God-given gifts?

I can only tell you that I have seen this with my own eye and I have no clue how this person did this. I was one day in a house with my family. There was an old lady who hosted us as I knew her son.

One person rang the bell and came in. He asked the lady to help him with his warts. He had plenty on his hands. She asked him to sit down. She touched each and every single wart on his hand and read something. We could not hear what she said.

The person who rang left. So I asked what did she do. She just said that this person will have no more warts in a couple of weeks. I straight went out of the door and asked him to give me his phone. We exchanged our phone numbers and asked if he could give me a ring when all of his warts disappeared.

Well just over a month later he called and he said that all of them had cleared. I could not believe it, so I asked to meet him. And yes, all of them had disappeared.

I asked him if he’d added cream or any remedy and he said no. Not a single treatment.

I went back to see the lady and asked her how she did this? She just said it is a god’s gift and added that she can help people who got burnt, and many other sicknesses.

Many people would not believe this story, and I may have not if I did not witness it. But I did and therefore I can tell it is true. Sometimes there are strange things that happen, and you just cannot explain them.

For me, as long as they work, I am happy for the end person receiving the free treatment.

By the way, many of the treatment I gave you above comes from this lady. So they work and I have tried them!


I know that warts are very difficult to get rid of. What would work for you, may not work for somebody else. This is why I decided to give you four different methods to treat them.

Each of these methods provides you with a different natural way to cure warts.

I have also given you a link to a number of warts products that can help you in your quest to find a solution.

Note – My niece had plenty warts and it took us a year to get rid of them. So please be patient and try our grandmother’s solutions. These have worked plenty of times.

I have had two warts in my life. I got rid of them after 6 months. So it may take time, but they will eventually go away. It is a matter of finding what works for your skin. As you know we are all different, and that is why what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

Back to you

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