Calimyrna figs nutrition – Here are 14 benefits to your health

Calimyrna figs are simply a delicious type of fruit to eat.

I eat them all the time.

Whether they are fresh from the tree in my garden during the summer season or dried ones in the winter months, I just cannot stop eating them.

But these fruits are just so healthy for your body that you should not undermine them.

They have endless scientifically proven health benefits that it is hard to enumerate them all.

Today, I shall take some of your precious time to tell you about 14 best health benefits of Calimyrna figs.

After reading this article, I am sure that next time you’ll be at a supermarket, you’ll be buying some figs.

And the good news is that it does not really matter if they are fresh or dried.

Both have fantastic nutrition properties and health benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: figs are not fruits, but inverted flowers. For the sake of argument, we shall use both terminologies, though, for the purists, this would be an act of indecency. As such we apologize to them.


What are the benefits of Calimyrna figs?

There are many fig benefits.

Fig trees are also very beneficial to our health, and even fig leaves too.

For instance, figs fight acne and blackheads very effectively.

They are also used in preventing a large number of cancers and helps in heart attacks.

But there are other health benefits of figs.

For instance, it is a great source of energy for your body.

They contain beta-carotene, A, C, E and K vitamins.

In addition, they are full of calcium and minerals that we all need.

Below, I just scratch the surface of the fig-health benefits, and I invite you to eat at least one dried or fresh fig a day whenever you can.

Your body will thank you for this.

1- Cancer prevention


I thought I’d start with the disease that is spreading fast across the world.

Latest research demonstrates that the fig fruit latex (FFL) act as an anticancer substance. (1)

An FFL fruit is simply a fig fruit that contains latex properties.

As such, if you are allergic to latex; then you probably are allergic to this fruit. (2)

Nevertheless, an FFL has a large amount of polyphenolic compounds.

This compound is responsible for fighting cancer cells and does not hurt any of your healthy cells.

In essence, it is a strong antioxidant which provides your body with cancer-fighting properties.

Similarly, figs contain benzaldehyde.

To optimize the effect of the above substance, you better get fig extract.

Such extract dramatically reduces the risk of tumor building up in your body.

There is another benefit of figs against cancer, that is it has strong agents that can fight and prevent prostate cancer (a lot of the cases are deadly).

If you want to fight breast cancer, you have the right fruit at hand.

Figs are very effective against breast cancer and highly effective when you have this condition during menopause.

2- Calimyrna figs kills viruses

Fresh Calimyrna figs are good in treating bronchial inflammation.

They can be used to detoxify your body as they are rich in water and natural sugars.

As such, if you are suffering from exhaustion, then Calimyrna figs could be the answer you were looking for.

In a number of locations around the world, figs are coarsely minced figs.

The minced figs are then used to prepare a nice coffee (it is not all the time that nice, some are not good at all in making this coffee).

This coffee was shown to have a positive effect on lung diseases (3).

3- Eat Calimyrna figs to heal your stomach

stomach nausea

If you are subjected to ulcers and gastritis, then you can ingest figs.

They do help in these two conditions.

In addition, you can make fig compote and by eating it, you’ll get a laxative effect. (4)

Interestingly, this inverted flower is able to reduce bloating in your stomach.

This is great as at the same as removing such bloating, it also improves your bowel function.

Some of the particularities of figs are that it relieves stomach cramps.

It targets and destroys intestinal worms without forgetting to get rid of some of the most difficult intestinal parasites.

4- High blood pressure and preventing stroke

Figs contain a lot of omega 3 and Omega 6 substances.

These two substances belong to the fatty acids family.

Unfortunately, our bodies are not able to produce these and this is why you need to absorb them through other means.

This is where Calimyrna figs come in.

Research at Rutgers University in New Jersey does demonstrate that there is a large quantity of Omega 3 and 6 in dried figs.

In addition, they illustrated that phytosterol agent is also present.

By eating dried figs, you’ll simply reduce your cholesterol level and in turn reduce your blood pressure.

Similarly, the potassium in the figs will further help in reducing your blood pressure.

What is also important to know is that fatty acids are critical to the functioning of your heart, brain and nervous system.

The phytosterol compounds are able to trap cholesterol in meat products and then flush it from your bodies.

No cholesterol equals no blood pressure most of the time.

5- Fig diet rich improves memory

This is something that is so important to me and to millions of people.

Many use specialized techniques to improve their memories.

However, there are easier and better means to do this.

Just east a couple of dried figs a day (or fresh ones) and you should improve your memory in no time. (5)

At the same as you are improving your memory, you’ll be able to reduce the effect of anemia.

The study defines that eating 3 to 7 Calimyrna figs a day is enough to dramatically improve both of these.

6- Figs to support your skin health

glowing skin

I could write a book about figs and skin health.

You can use the fresh fruits and apply them directly onto your skin.

This will allow reducing many skin conditions such as dryness, eczema, free-radical scavenging, anti-aging, and skin protection effects. (6)

Similarly, this reversed flower can cure inflammatory diseases under the skin, which shall help you in the long term.

7- Fight your insomnia


Tryptophan is a substance that is found in figs.

This substance is great as it allows to fight your insomnia and sleep disorders naturally. (7)

Note that 1 in 10 adults in the USA is affected by this syndrome.

Also, note that 3.5 people 10 do not have proper 8 hours night sleep in the USA.

Unfortunately, this leads to severe side effects.

Usually, when you are tired, you are vulnerable.

And when you are vulnerable, then you get depression (easily).

Eating figs will help you in all of these as it also positively affects your nervous system.

Note that depression is very dangerous and you must fight it by all means such as eating more naturally, improving your sleeping pattern and doing some sports.

8- Figs lower your cholesterol level

I know that I spoke about cholesterol above.

However, this is a significant health issue for everyone as it leads to a major side effect which is irreversible.

As such, I want to strengthen my message here.

If you eat figs in good quantities and on a daily diet (say 3 to 7), you should see a favorable reduction in your high cholesterol level.

As such, you’ll be protecting your heart from cardiovascular failures.

9- Figs kill acne


Interestingly, there are strong skin health benefits of figs.

This reverse flower is rich in water.

As such you just need to mash it,  apply the mash on your skin, wait a couple of minutes (5 min is best while 10 will dry a bit your skin).

As such, by applying the above fig mask onto your face, you’ll be able to reduce dramatically the effect of acne.

The most important bit is that you’ll be preventing their occurrence, which is a really big deal.

10- No need for dairy products

If you are allergic to dairy products, then here is some good news for you.

Lactose is something that millions of people have contracted in the last decade.

This is why it is now possible to buy lactose-free milk, though it is still quite expensive and side effects are unknown.

If you have lactose intolerance, then you have a remedy at your hand.

Eating figs as a substitute can provide the answer.

Figs are full of calcium (8), and the milk industry has been really strong in advising us that we need to drink and eat dairy product to increase our intake of calcium.

As such, you can safely eat figs as a replacement for milk-based calcium diet.

11- Weight loss with Calimyrna figs

But more to this, the fruit is also helpful in your fight against weight gain.

It was proven that eating dried fruits is excellent to fight obesity (9)

And obviously, you can eat figs as a dried fruit (or dried reverse flower).

It contains a lot of fiber than any other fruit and vegetables.

As it also contains a lot of water is highly beneficial for weight loss purposes.

I repeat myself, why don’t you eat 3 to 7 figs a day?

12- Maintain your bone healthily


Now we have seen that this reverse flower contains a huge amount of calcium.

And we said that it is a good replacement for dairy products.

Well, this is true. But what is most important to remember is that your body will use the calcium in this fruit to maintain your bones’ health.

This mineral is highly important for your children.

I cannot understand why parents do not give it to their children.

If you have children or are pregnant or even if you are at menopause time, then you should eat figs.

13- Helps hemorrhoid

You definitely need to consider eating dried figs to fight your hemorrhoids. (10)

The fibers inside the fruit will help your body and will lead to the reduction and then disappearance of such condition.

14- Help in controlling your diabetes


Figs promote a better control of diabetes.

This is one of the most prolific properties of figs and one that I cherish a lot as both my mum and dad have type 2 diabetes.

What you need to know is that this is supported by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

ADA recommends eating figs because it is rich in high-quality-fiber.

The fiber found in the fig flower promote a better function of your body and control of your diabetes.

What you’ll find a little weird is that even the leaves are good for you. (11)

If you consume the leaves, then you’ll reduce the amount of insulin you need.

These leaves are full of potassium. Potassium is a great substance as it fights the amount of sugar you absorbed just after your meals.

And if you absorb large amounts of potassium; then you’ll ensure your usual blood sugar spikes and falls will fade away with time.

Note that fig leaves are not a substitute for insulin, but at least they can reduce the amount of insulin you take on a daily basis.

As such you’ll start living a better life with a lesser dependent need for medicine.


The conclusion that I’d like to put forward is that you need to eat dried and fresh figs.

The number of good deeds that this fruit does to your health is incredible.

I am sure that you’ll enjoy eating it and take advantage of its figs health benefits.

This reverse flower has what it takes to be one of the top fruit you want to eat/

It prevents diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, target weight gain and improves your bowels.

If you do not like eating figs, you can always use supplements.

Enjoy this wonderful reverse fruit.

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