Pineapples are tasty and are the one natural product you generally need to add to your basic supply bushel.

They are an exotic tropical fruit that looks prickly on the outside and is so sweet and juicy on the inside. Apart from the fabulous taste, they have many nutritional benefits. 

The pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, Vitamin B1, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, copper and fiber. They offer a ton of minerals, vitamins, and crucial phytonutrients that boost our immune system and keep us strong.


Heath benefits of the pineapple

  • Improves heart health
  • Pineapple contains bromelain. This is an anticoagulant that allows the blood to flow easily through the circulatory system. Good circulation will reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, and circulatory problems.
  • Defends against free radical damage
  • Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant that will defend against the free radicals that damage normal cells and cause cancer.  Pineapple can lower the risk of disease and boost your immune system.


Bromelain also works as an anti-inflammatory.  The enzyme strengthens CD4+T lymphocytes, which are the primary effectors in causing swelling and inflammation.  If you want to rid yourself of aches and pains from gout or arthritis, eat pineapple.

Prevents cancer

We know that pineapple protects against free radical damage and has anti-inflammatory benefits.  By stopping these two things you can prevent cancer.  The bromelain is the cancer zapping enzyme and it can reduce the size of tumors and get rid of them completely.

Healthy bones and skin

Pineapples are rich in phosphorous, manganese and calcium.  Calcium cannot build strong bones on its own, it needs phosphorous too.  One cup of pineapple contains over 13 mg of phosphorous.

Likewise, the manganese is important for bone formation, healing of wounds and healthy skin. Manganese will make your skin glow.  It will also regulate your blood sugar levels and boost your immune system.

Aid digestion

Pineapple is rich in fiber which is excellent for good and regular bowel movements.  The bromelain helps your digestive system break down and absorb proteins, and works wonders on your intestinal tract.  Pineapple will help with cleansing, water retention and also relieve stomach cramps and pains, diarrhea and indigestion.

Eases asthma

The high Vitamin C levels and the subsequent free radical protection will also protect against the spasms in your airways that can cause asthma.  Pineapple has anti-inflammatory qualities which means that the airways relax, reducing the risk of asthma attacks.

Healthy gums

Again it is the high content of Vitamin C that works magic, especially on your gums and oral health. Vitamin C reduces your risk of gum or periodontal disease, reduces the risk of gingivitis and helps boost the overall immune system.  It helps to fight oral bacteria.

Cough syrup

You can use pineapple juice as a natural alternative to cough syrup.  If you cannot get rid of your cough and don’t particularly want to take a mixture filled with chemicals, drink pineapple juice.  It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and will ease the cough symptoms.  Add some honey to the pineapple juice and fight all your infections.


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