Here are the 7 Health benefits an apple can give your on a daily basis

Have you ever asked yourself if eating an apple was or is good for you? Did you investigate its health benefits? Do you know what apples are good for? If you do not know the answer to these questions, then this post is for you.


Why is an apple good for you?

We all know that eating an apple is good for us. However, we usually do not know why. It is just that we have that sense and that feeling telling us to eat an apple as it is good for our health.

The reality is that eating an apple is appealing to us due to several factors. Usually, people have their preferences. You may like it acidic or fruity or sweet.

However, the truth is that we like them because of their colors, their crunchy aspect when you eat them, and finally because they are ‘cool’ to eat in a working office.

But we seem to forget why they are an essential part of our healthy diet.

What you need to know is that apples have a high content of vital antioxidants and vitamins that your body need.

As such it is one of the most valuable fruits for all of us. Think of it a little – we all know the proverb:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away may

And that is true. Below I describe 7 reasons why you should believe in this proverb

7 Apple health benefits

Here are the 7 health benefits that should enthuse you to eat more apples every day.

1- Fantastic for your mouth and teeth

Health benefits of apple on your teeth

Many people think that eating apples may have a detrimental negative influence on your dental health.

As such, a number of scientists looked into this with the aim to define what is right or wrong. Researchers have demonstrated that eating an apple with its skin will act with similar properties as an organic tinge remover for teeth.

What this mean is that if you eat apples with their skins, then you’ll get a white and shiny smile.

But apples are full of acids and people think that these may somehow have a negative impact on their health. You’ll be pleased to know that this is quite the opposite.

These acids fight bad bacteria and avoid them from flourishing in your oral cavity.

But, you need to be careful. Eating too many apples daily can damage your teeth. Again this is due to the acid. So, yes apples are good for your teeth and to kill the bad bacteria, but too much of it and you’ll be having trouble. Two to three apples a day should be plenty.

2- Strengthen your bones    

Give your bones some apples to get stronger

This is something that very few of us know. Eating an apple a day is beneficial to our bones.

In essence, apples help our bones to become stronger. So, the older we get, the better it is to eat apples.

Similarly, if you are at risk to build up osteoporosis post menopause, then eating apple can help you.

But apples are best when they are eaten in the long run. So if you eat an apple a  day, or at least four a week, then you’ll strengthen your bones.

This is also true for children. The earlier in their life they eat an apple, the better. And obviously, it is best to eat them in small quantities (say one or two a day) to have the best effect on your body.

Apples contain boron and phlorizin (a flavonoid that you can find in apples).  These are the substances that make your bones healthier.

3- Eat an apple to lose weight

Eat apple to lose weight

One would never guess that apples are good for weight loss.

In fact, we all are wary of eating apples as they contain natural sugar. Yes, it is true that the sugar can lead to weight gain. But that depends on the quantities you consume.

So how do apples assist in weight loss?

If you consume an apple just before having a meal, then you are basically filling your stomach.  This helps to fight your hunger.

But the clever bit is that apples are loaded with fiber content.

As such, apples keep you feeling full for long period of times. Thus, eating them will operate as an organic hunger suppressant.

The acid contained in the apple helps to flush out body fat too. So if you eat apples, and do a little bit of exercise, then you should be on the right track to reduce your excess weight.

4- Keep diseases at bay    

Fight Disease Before it Starts with apples

Do you know quercetin? Well, you should.

It is a natural antioxidant found in apples. And these antioxidants work wonders against free radicals.

But quercetin is also really good to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disorders.

So, apples are good for your teeth, waste line and to fight dangerous diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

5- Get a great-looking skin eating apples

Get great skins eating apple

Apples contain a lot of vitamins including vitamin A and C. And these are really good for your skin.

As weird as it can be, the acidic content of apples is really good for your skin too. They operate as organic astringents and as such you’ll get unblemished, fantastic shimmering skin.

Overall, apples have anti-aging agents. These will also help your skin to softness, rejuvenate and keeps it nice and shiny.

6- Clean the heart and arteries

Clean your heart and arteries by eating apples

Scientific research has demonstrated that if you eat apples, then you are less likely to develop heart problems. Simply put, apples fight bad cholesterol levels.

Apples have high levels of flavonoids. These are really good in fighting heart-related issues.

And here I say, you need to eat the skin if you can. There is compound just below the skin that is called pectin. This compound is really good at reducing your cholesterol levels.

Pectin is also really good at encouraging a better blood flow in your body. So, please remember, eat apples, eat them with their skins and make sure you eat them in the long run.

7- Is apple juice better than eating an apple?

Clean your heart and arteries by eating apples

The short answer is no. That is true under the condition you buy the juice from supermarkets.

The reason is that supermarket apple juice may contain extra processed sugar and other chemicals that may not affect you positively.

On the other hand, if you make your own apple juice, then you’ll end up with a better result than the one from supermarkets.

To summarize, it is best to eat the apple to maximize the health impact on your body. It is important to eat the skin too so that you get the pectin compounds too.

Then, if you cannot eat apples, you can take a homemade apple juice. This will be less beneficial than eating the fruit itself, but still, it will be better than supermarkets juice.


Now you are an expert in apples. You have no excuse not to eat them. If you do not have time to eat them, then at least drink a nice apple juice (homemade ones are better).

Apple can help you lose weight, strengthen your heart, make your skin look shiny and healthy, provide the nutrients for your body to fight illnesses, excellent for your teeth and bones.

Simply put, just chose a variety you like, and eat it on a daily basis.

PS – a little trick for you. You better eat an apple in mid-afternoon to give a boost to your body. We all know that mid-afternoons are difficult at work. If you eat an apple at that time, you should get a real boost and be able to perform better too.

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