Sea Buckthorn – People call it GOD’s Miracle as it heals hundreds of disease

It is one of those fruits that people dislike because of its taste. But do these people know that this sea buckthorn is really appreciated in many places?

It is even called the Siberian Pineapple as it has so many health benefits. Not sure if this means a lot to you. The only thing that you need to know is that it is a fantastic, healthy fruit that has unique positive properties.

I think you need to know a lot more about this fruit. You will then be able to make an informative decision whether or not you should eat it.

What is sea buckthorn plant?

This plant is one of the favorite plants for bears. They love the fruits and eat it abundantly. No wonder why bears are so healthy.

The fruit looks like a berry. It is yellowish to orangish in color and has a lot of healing properties. Ancient greeks have mentioned it in their books as a powerful healing fruit. Similarly, Tibetan medical books do mention it for the same purpose.

In fact, in Tibet, there is an oil that is known as the “oil of life”. This particular oil is made of sea buckthorn berries.

What does sea buckthorn contain?

The fruit contains about 190 phytonutrients and bioactive substances. Not bad for a small little berry.

But it contains a lot more things. In a single berry, you will find almost all known vitamins that you need. You’ll also find most of the minerals your body needs in a day. As this was not enough, by eating this fruit, you’ll increase your antioxidant levels. The berry contains such powerful antioxidant, you would not believe it. Sea buckthorn oil contains 3 times more vitamin A than carrots, 10 times more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin E among all fruit.

As this was not enough, by eating this fruit, you’ll increase your antioxidant levels. The berry contains such powerful antioxidant, you would not believe it.

But many people do not like the fruit itself. Why, because of its taste. Let me explain this.

What does sea buckthorn taste like?

Do you really want to know? Ok – here it is. The berries are known to be a little like tarts in their taste. The closer I can tell you is that they taste like sour orange. To be more precise, they are a crossover between sour oranges with a little hint of mango.

There are some varieties in their tastes. For instance, some sea buckthorn can taste like pineapple – That is why it is called the Siberian pineapple.

Many eat them raw, while others make jams, juices, and cook meals with them.

What is sea buckthorn juice?

In this format, you’ll find that this fruit makes a thick, glutinous juice. I have to say that I really need quite a hit of some sweetness in this. Some use sugar (use organic at least) to make it palatable.

Now you can find this fruit in other formats, such as oil.

What is sea buckthorn seed oil used for?

First, let me tell you that sea buckthorn seed oil contains 3 times more vitamin A than carrots. Second it has 10 times more vitamin C than oranges. And finally, it is the fruit that has the most vitamin E in the world. Not bad for a berry that some people may dislike.

Would you dislike something that provides you so much healthy feature?

Let me tell you more. Sea buckthorn seed oil is one of the only vegetable oil in the world that contains the following:

  • It contains all omega fatty acids
  • The fatty acid 3, 6 and 9 are therefore present in the berry.
  • It contains a very rare Omega 7 fatty acid! This is great for us ladies. Think of this substance as the powerful fighter against wrinkles, loss of elasticity and other aging skin symptoms. Enough said?

Medicinal properties of the sea buckthorn

I will only summarize 5 medicinal properties of this berry. These are:

Urogenital system medicinal properties

This fruit contains a lot of substances that relieves you from the bad symptoms of menopause. It is also great for urinary tract infections. And if you are a victim of bladder problems, you are in luck, as you can use this fruit to fight it.

Resolve your skin problems

Eczema is really annoying and scratching it make it worse. The berry is really good to fight eczema. It is highly effective against dry skin and dermatitis. Some of its properties fight acne and psoriasis etc. The list goes on.

Sea buckthorn oil for body weight loss

This sounds a little too much, but the seed oil definitely reduces body fat. It helps fight your excessive appetite as well as type 2 diabetes.

Eye improve your eye health

The oil helo you in relieving dryness of the eyes. It even prevents conjunctivitis.

The digestive system

The final point I like to make is that it helps with gastritis. It also reduce ulcers and the pain that comes with it.

Where to find Sea buckthorn oil?

If you live in Alaska or Siberia, then you’ll have no issues finding this fruit. However, if you live in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, etc. then this will be difficult to source.

This is why I added the below pictures to help you source it. Click on the photographs and you’ll be redirected to a site where you can buy the oil and the supplements too.

 sea buckthorn berry oil

sea buckthorn oil


Here you have it. It is not the tastier fruit. But you can find it in several different media such as pills, oil and juice. So if you do not like the fruit, you can drink it with some sweeteners, you can use its oil or you can drink it via pills.

The fruit is just great for you and your body. Do not hesitate about the taste. Just get the oil or the pills instead. And if one day you are in Alaska, then just try the fruit directly from the tree.

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