AMALAKI – 8 reasons you must eat Indian gooseberry antioxidant fruit that fight cancer, liver toxins, etc

What is amalaki fruit?

Amalaki is one of those fruit that is mostly unknown to the west. It is one of the most famous fruit in India that is used as ‘herbal medicine’.Indian gooseberry

Also known as Indian gooseberry, it has over 5000 years history. Indian understand this fruit and understand its medicinal properties that boost their immune system. It also rejuvenate their body. Just like that!

You can find them in green or yellow colors. The trees grow as high as 18 meters. They have on of those taste which is a combination of sweet, bitter, hot and sou; all in one. That’s a lot of taste in a single fruit.

Lately, the interest from western people has grown. More information is started to be made available, thanks to the internet.

In this post, I’ll tell you what are the benefits of this great fruit.  I’ll tell you where you can get amalaki powder too if you cannot access fresh fruits.

What is amalaki good for?

There are many documented benefits that you can gain from eating amalaki. Below I summarized 8 of these. When you finish reading this, you’ll never want to go back and not eat them. You’ll be dying to eat this fantastic healing fruit.

1- ONE Amalaki fruit = TWENTY oranges

Can you believe this? You eat of these small fruits, and you get the equivalent of 20 oranges absorbed by your body.

Let us put this into perspective. If you eat 100g of fresh amalaki, your body will receive  between 470 to 680 mg of pure vitamin C. If you want to know more, experts have demonstrated that Amalaki is the most powerful antioxidant on the planet.

I am sure you know why vitamin C is so important to our body and our health. It is really good to for us because it gets rid of free the radicals. But that’s not all, it also strengthens our bones, enhance our immune system, help cleaning our blood vessels and obviously help produce leukocytes.

There is more than just vitamin C. When you eat or absorb amalaki powder, then you give your body a source of flavonoids, tannins, polyphones and minerals.

One interesting thing is that you can use amalaki to relieve cough. It is also really good against sore throat and a number of respiratory problems. This includes asthma and bronchitis.

2- Helps in cancer treatments

Remember we spoke about antioxidants. Well amalaki is full of them which helps your body prevent cancer. It also help your body to fight against it. The interesting bit about the fruit is that it reduces inflammations and works towards protecting cells without damaging them.

3- Get rid of toxins from the liver

A number of studies have investigated the use of this fruit on the live. These showed that when you eat amalaki, you are effectively protecting you liver from negative effects from drugs. It basically support cleaning accumulated toxins that are found in your liver.

4- Stimulating the hair growth

It is something that my brother is using. He is losing his hair at the moment, so I informed him about this cure. It is quite successful I have to say. The hair has stop falling. Nothing has grown back yet, but it has stop the hair falling. So it is just a matter for time before the hair grow back (so I believe).

What you have to do is to mix Amalaki powder with warm water (just a little bit warm and not hot). Leave the mix for an hour. Now you can apply to your hair / scalp.

Try to massage your hair at the same time to encourage their hydratation, growth, increase their protection, and end up shiny and soft. When you finish applying this, just leave it for half an hour.

You can leave it for an hour too, but it may start itchy. Just rinse it off when you are ready. That’s all. After a couple of applications, you should be ready to avoid losing more hair. Then it can start growing again.

5- Help fight against diabetes

As I said it above, the fruit helps your liver. However, what you do not know yet is that at the same time as helping your liver, amalaki will help your pancreatitis, any type of swelling and fight against pain.

By doing all of the above, and if eat or absorg amalaki on a regular basis, then you will lower your sugar level. This will then reduce your diabetes (especially those with type 2).

Here is what experts says : if you absorb only 3 grams of amalaki powder; the outcome will be better than most diabetes medications.

6- Cure stomach ache

We all have one day or another stomach ache. Well this fruit is really good to attenuate and at time clear abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps. It is also good in fighting infections and many digestive problems.

7- Improve your nails

If you have nails problems, then amalaki is great for these. What this fruit does is creating wonders. It somehow manages to regenerate human tissues. So you’ll definitely feel rejuvenated.

If you have dandruff, use the Indian gooseberry. It will first prevent the appearance of gray hair and second it will avoid the build up of dandruff.

Nowadays, many shampoos, hair masks, facial cream use amalaki fruit. So if they use it, I am sure that you now understand the reasons behind this choice.

8- Helping your skin to recover from bad spots

What I am about to tell you is music to your ears. The Indian Gooseberry is great to treat acne, pimples, rashes and other skin problems. In essence, these skin issues are inflammations, and the gooseberry is full in anti-inflammations properties.

Where to find and buy amalaki?

I have to say that I find it hard to find places where I can get amalaki. In fact there are almost none around me. This is for the highly specialized shops and when they have them, they just disappear like a shot. The best way to get them is in buying them from the web.

Unfortunately, you cannot find them fresh. But you can get this fruit in the form of powder or capsules. Click on the below picture to get this powder.

Amalaki powder


Though not a well known fruit, Amalaki is really good for you. It is full of antioxidant, good for your liver, your heart, against toxins, for your hair, your skin, your nails, against cancers, for your tissues, etc.

So if you are not convince that you should start eating it, then I am unsure what I should tell you.

The fact is that Indian gooseberry has been used for over 5000 years for healing purposes should mean something to you.

If you can help respiratory problems and that the fruit is 20 times better than orange, then I should say, ‘enough said’.

Enjoy the fruit and its healing features.

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