Grow Your Own Avocados with AvoSeedo

If there’s one thing we and everybody we know can’t get enough of, it’s definitely avocados. Not only are they an incredible source of nutrients, vitamins, and cancer-and-fat-fighting lipids, but they make everything from salads to pasta taste just a little bit more special.

So how to make enjoying them even more delightful? By using ones you’ve grown yourself! It’s totally possible, and even easy, thanks to the AvoSeedo.

We’ve known for a while that there are plenty of uses for the avocado pits we usually throw away, but somehow, up until now, we’ve overlooked that they can be used to grow your very own avocado tree!

Seem a little crazy? It does at first, but it’s really just taking all the information available about how the avocado plant grows, then using that info to help the plant along!

Basically, before you can plant an avocado tree in the soil, the seed must crack open and germinate, and the best place for that to happen is in the water. Up until now, that process was a little tricky and a little messy, but the AvoSeedo not only makes it easier, it makes it more likely to succeed!


How fabulous is THAT?! The AvoSeedo takes the traditional “toothpick method” of growing and makes it not only simpler for you to do, but more effective, as well!

The AvoSeedo borrows the basic idea behind the traditional method of starting an avocado seed’s growth, and improves on it in several ways:

  • It can take quite some time to find the perfect balance of the toothpicks in your chosen water container. The AvoSeedo, on the other hand, perfectly floats in ANY water level.
  • The seed doesn’t float with the toothpick method, so you have to monitor the water level every single day. The AvoSeedo completely takes care of that problem, letting you – and your avocado plant! – have a little more breathing room.
  • You don’t have to change the water as often with AvoSeedo, meaning less work for you. While with the toothpick method, it’s recommended that you change the water every 5 days or so, with AvoSeedo, you only have to do so every 2 to 3 weeks!
  • Inserting the toothpicks can hurt the seed and yourself. With AvoSeedo, there’s nothing to insert, so you’re both safe as can be.

To be honest, the thing WE probably love most about the AvoSeedo? It’s just so cute! We mean, come on— it’s a little boat! For your plant! And it’s shaped like an avocado! And it comes in all kinds of colors!

There are even little flags to help you track when you first started growing, the breed of avocado, and/or other important information. It would add so much life and delight to your kitchen – or wherever else in your home you wanted to keep it – and it’s a great, simple way to get your KIDS involved and interested in plants, gardening, and healthy foods.

And if you don’t have a big backyard or live in cold climates, you can dwarf your avocado tree. Just leave the tree in a big pot and move the tree inside once the temperature falls under 51 degrees.

We’re so happy we’ve been introduced to the AvoSeedo, and even MORE excited to share it with you! What do you think? Will you try one for yourself?

Have you ever grown your own avocados before? Are you familiar with the traditional “toothpick method”? Definitely let us know if you take this idea for a spin— or should we say, swim?! Happy growing!



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