Can you eat black bananas?

Can you eat black bananas? I think it is a question that needs answering as many keep thinking, is this safe?

Can you eat black bananas?

If you are reading this is because you like bananas and you hate them going to waste because they have these little dark spots on them.

To be honest, I have been eating these since I was a child and I am still here. So, I think I am a living example of someone who can you eat a black banana when he finds one.

If you are like me and cannot resist a banana because of its tasty tropical flavor, then read one. Otherwise, well sorry to say, but you do not need to read. You do not like bananas anyway. 🙂

By the way, I hope you still remember the humpty dumpty eating black bananas. If not you may well be too young for this. 🙂

Can you eat black bananas?

Yes, you can.

If you think about, these are fully ripened bananas. And scientific research describes that such a banana generates a substance that is called the Tumor Necrosis Factor also known as TNF (1).

The TNF substance is able to fight against atypical cells, which causes cancer.

Now, when a banana is black, it means that it is fully ripened. Most of the time this occurs when it has dark spots on its skin.

And this is probably the best time for you to eat the fruit.

Is eating black bananas bad for you?

Not really unless you are allergic to bananas.

I want to be more precise. Bananas with some or many dark spots help in improving your immune system.

It also supports the TNF, which the anti-cancer properties available to your body to successfully fight cancer diseases.

Another point I’d like to make. If you allow the fruit to ripen, then its internal chemical properties completely change.

As a good example, if you allow a banana to ripen, its level of antioxidants will significantly increase.

And at the same time, the fruit’s starch will turn into simple sugars, all of which being easier for your metabolism to digest.

What do scientists say about ripening bananas?

Several scientists investigate this fruit. Some experiments demonstrated that ripen bananas increase the number of white blood cells.

By doing so, this indirectly improves your blood immunity and constantly generate TNF. Please let us remind ourselves that this is an anti-cancer substance.

Note that it is advisable to eat one to two bananas a day to increase your blood immunity.

And the overall majority of scientists agree that it is best to eat yellow skinned bananas with some dark spots than green-skinned ones.

What is good about TNF in bananas?

A number of studies do focus on the TNF substance. And their conclusions are clear. TNF is very effective in fighting tumor cells.

Many scientists define that TNF is so good against cancer that they compare the substance to that of Lentinan. (2)

Lentinan is an immune stimulant that is usually administrated in a patient’s vein to fight cancer.

From this comparison, it is clear that we should be eating ripen bananas. This ripe fruit does stimulate the production of your white blood cells and stops some cell mutation, which leads to cancer.

Note that it is always best to put bananas in your fridge when they ripe. This will prevent them from losing important vitamins.

And even better, if the fruit is ripe, simply eat them and cook them or bake a cake.

Note that tennis men and women eat bananas during tournaments to avoid cramps. This shows you how good is the fruit for you when you exercise.


I want to make it clear that it is safe to eat black bananas. I told you that by eating black bananas you can get rid of cancer through the TNF substance. And this was demonstrated by scientific research.

I am a great fan of this fruit, especially in a cake. Especially so that I am not hungry for hours (I feel completely full), but that it also avoids getting a cramp during my exercising routines.

So, if you have a too ripe banana, just use it to bake a cake and enjoy most of its properties.

Back to you

Here it is, you know that this fruit is good against cancer.

I do not think you’ll be asking are black bananas safe to eat? I am sure now that you’ll be straight at it to get the most healthy properties of the fruit.

In fact, I am sure that you’ll be like me leaving them to ripe before eating them for now on.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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