QUENEPA – A strange fruit that boost your brain function and treat your insomnia

Have you ever heard of the Quenepa fruit? If not, then I am glad to say that no one around me has either. So you are not alone.

First, let me tell you this fruit is also called the Spanish lime. It is a very nice fruit with a lot of health benefits. The most important of benefits are; (a) boosting your brain in a couple of minutes and (b) fixing your sleeping disorder (if you have a sleeping disorder).

quenepa fruit

Where to find quenepa fruit?

It is simply very hard to find this fruit and it is even harder to buy it. I know it because I have been trying to get these fruits for quite some time.

So if you are persistent, the best way is to plant a tree in your garden. Here is how. Click on the below picture, and you’ll be able to buy a tree. If you choose to plant a Spanish lime, then in less than two years you’ll have some quenepa.

Alternatively, there are a couple of specialize shops where you can get them. As I said they are pretty hard to get.

quenepa fruit


An gentil introduction to Quenepa fruit

Quenepa comes from the North part of South America. There are other locations you can find them such as in the coasts and dry forests of Central America. You can also find them in the Caribbean.

The fruit has a sweet and sour in taste. What I have found out is that people like to eat it with chili power. They add some real lime and a bit of salt too. That’s it. It is ready to be served.

You may have never eaten something like this before. You can think of this fruit as being the cross-over mix of lychee and lime. The flesh is firm and very delicate. It has a hard layer too that you split with your teeth.

The color of the fruit has earned it to be called Spanish lime. The reason is that it looks like a small unripe limes – Greenish looking.

Usually you find them on tree in groups. They have what some would call a nice soft skin with some leathery type texture. The flesh may look like jelly flesh (not everyone like jelly flesh…).

The interior of the fruit is sometimes orange and sometimes yellow. Quenepa has some seeds inside, so watch for them. They are not harmful, some people eat them and others just do not even consider that.

Some Quenepa Nutrition facts

Quenepa contains a lot of different essential nutrients. I provide a non exhaustive list below where you can already guess the benefits of the fruit:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 and C;
  • Minerals;
  • Unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic);
  • Protein;
  • Fiber;
  • Calcium;
  • Carotene;
  • Iron;
  • Riboflavin;
  • Thiamine;
  • Niacin;
  • Tryptophan;
  • Tannins.

Quenepa is a very good source of fiber. This can help you lower your cholesterol level. The fiber can also help you with constipation issues.

If you are a regular reader of Omigy, you’ll know that the high content of vitamin A in Spanish lime will definitely help you strengthen your immune system. It will also help you prevent urinary tract stones.

The quenepa fruit contains calcium and this goes without saying your bones and teeth will be glad you are eating it. It is known that calcium is needed for both our bones and teeth and the Spanish lime is perfect for these.

If you need to balance your  hormonal levels, then the phosphorus content of the fruit will help you with that.

If you have blood pressure issues, then eat some of this fruit. Similarly Spanish lime can reduce asthmatic symptoms.

The presence of phenolic compounds treats cardiovascular diseases and prevents strokes, which is why the fruit is considered a powerful natural remedy in many parts around the world.

Quenepa and its healing properties

Quenepa fruit has long been recommended to people who have urinary or lung infections.

The reason is that spanish lime can reinforce your immune system. By doing so, it prevents bacterial buildup in your body.

For me, its best benefit is found in its ability to fight against malignant cells.

If you have anemia, then spanish lime can help you fight it as much as it can help you fight kidney problems. Note that it does stimulates red blood cells production too.

Many people recommends the fruit to pregnant women but I failed to find any evidence that it can help out.


As I said, quenepa is a great fruit which is very hard  to find. It has some nice healing features such as reduce constipation, help with bronchitis and the flu and prevent stomach ulcers.

I have heard of cases where it can also reduce acne. It is good against malignant cells.

The only thing I did not really cover is insomnia. This fruit can restore the balance in your central nervous system, which in turn will resolve your insomnia.

With the high number of nutrients it holds, Spanish lime is definitely a fruit that has a high esteem from all my family.

My final advice is to try to add it to your daily diet if you can.

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