Freeze lemon or limes recipe and benefits to health

“Freeze lemon” is an expression used by many (including chefs) to describe that they freeze this fruit for later use.

And I want to make sure that we are on the same wavelength here.

Lemon and lime are fruits and not vegetables.

And yes you can you freeze lemons (and limes too).

I think I need to give you the best example that comes to my mind to demonstrate that you can you freeze whole lemons, or lemon juice, or lemon zest, or lemon curd, etc.

Here is the best example of this: Think about the nice frozen lemon pie that you can buy off the shelf at your favorite shop or supermarket.

This pie example demonstrates that you can freeze lemons. And enjoy eating them at a later date.

Now that we agree about the basics about lemon and lime including that you can freeze them, I need to give you the recipe to do so.

After the recipe, I shall give you the health benefits of freezing lemons and answer some common questions too.

Freeze lemon recipe


Note that there are hundreds of recipe for freezing lemon. I shall give you the one that is the most widely used around the world and you can then tailor it to your liking and taste.


  1. As many lemons as you wish to freeze (and you can replace these with lime instead).
  2. A good freezer 😉

Freeze lemon recipe direction:

This is very simple really:

  1. Just cut your lemons in quarters.
  2. Now place them on a cookie type sheet.
  3. Place the sheets in a freezer until you get frozen lemons.
  4. Take the lot out, and place the frozen lemon in a ziplock bag.

You are done.

By the way, and if you prefer, you can also freeze lemon slices using the above recipe. Et voila, this is how to freeze lemons. Not difficult at all, isn’t it.

can you freeze lemon zest

What are the frozen lemon benefits?

Now that we know how to freeze lemon, we can define what are the benefits of this fruit. Please note that I have written a complete article about lemon before. You can find many of the benefits of this plant by clicking on this link “Lemon detox diet (8 simple recipes)“.

Experts agree on this fact. Lemons are extremely good for your health.

And the health benefits of frozen lemons are the same as for standard non-frozen ones.

So to recap, lemon contains a lot of nutrients which protect you from a long list of diseases including cold, flu (1), cancer, and promote better blood circulation (2).

I think the one fact that we are all interested in is the fighting cancer characteristic.

This characteristic comes from a very unique and special compound called limonoids.

Scientists have demonstrated that limonoids have the ability to stop the increase of cancer cells. (3)

And this is especially true for the breast cancer cells.

But, what you want to know is that the lemon peels hold most of the lemon vitamins and nutrients than the inside juice. So, do not through away the peel. Use it to make detox drinks, cakes, etc.

So, when you use lemon, ensure that you also use the peel. You’d want to optimize the positive effect of the fruit on your metabolism.

Can you freeze lemon peel?

Can you freeze lemon peel

Yes, you can. And this is what I have done in the above recipe.

One thing that I think is critical for you to know about is these properties. Lemon and lime peels are able to protect you from worms, parasites, fungi and finally dangerous bacteria.

Now that you know all of these things, would you still want to not use lemon? I am sure you’ll be right now going to your shop and start freezing lemons.

Freezing lemon juice

I get this question all the time: “can fresh lemon juice be frozen” or “can you freeze lemon juice”. And the answer is simply yes you can.

And it is very easy to do so. Here is the recipe.

How long can I keep lemons in the freezer?

You can store it for about 3 to 4 months. Note that after this time, it will start losing some of its flavors, but not its properties.

The best way to defrost the lemons is in the microwave for a couple of seconds – this is if you are in a hurry.

But you can submerge them in cold water for about 15 minutes.

What I like to do is to use a grater and grate small pieces on a cake or ice cream. It is so tasty and nice looking.

But I also like to use them to make some nice cocktails.

freezing lemon juice cocktail

Can you freeze lemon zest?

Yes, you can and you can use the same recipe as the above one. In fact, it is recommended to freeze the zest as it contains most of the vitamins.

Can you freeze lemon curd?

Again, this is like the previous point. You can and should freeze the curd. You can eat these half defrosted or in a cocktail.

Can you freeze lemon bars?

There is no reason why not. Again, this is for you to decide, but you can freeze these easily.

What I would say is to take your time when defrosting them. That’s all.


Lemon is a fruit that we all must love. It contains a lot of healthy properties that we shall take care to consume it at least once a week.

And I showed you in this article that a frozen lemon has as many vitamins as a non-frozen one.

So, buy them when they are cheap, and then freeze them. You can have frozen lemons grated on top of your ice or cake. It gives that little extra.

But you can also have minute maid frozen lemon juice too. It is something quite common.

Back to you

Here you have. I have given you a frozen lemons recipe and answer the question “can lemons be frozen?”.

There is no frozen lemons hoax as some may like to advertise. This is wrong from them.

Like we freeze other products, we can use frozen lemon for cancer cure.

I would suggest that you use grated frozen lemon on top of your desserts and cakes.

This will add a little touch and a nice looking cake.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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