3 major benefits of sempervivum (houseleek) plant

I have several different types of sempervivum in my garden. I have to say I have been using quite a lot of it lately to cure some of my friends ‘problems’ such as hemorrhoids.

As it plays an important part of my healthy life, I feel you need to know about it.

Sempervivum is a very well known plant around the world.

It is used to heal wounds, ulcers, chapped skin, hemorrhoids, help intestinal cleansing of parasites, clear sore throat or diabetes.

No wonder why so many of us plant it in their garden or keep it safe in their homes.


Health benefits of sempervivum

There are many benefits of this plant. Below I provide 7 of these and further down, I  provide you with three magic recipes that you can make at home.

  • Cure some ear infections.
  • Very effective against diarrhea.
  • Help in getting rid of infections of the urinary tract.
  • It reduces digestive cramps, bloating and constipation.
  • Cure many hemorrhoids and reduce the pain.
  • Highly effective against cysts, fibroids, and warts.
  • Apply it on your skin to help soothe irritations from burns, bites, and rashes.

3 Major health benefits of houseleek and how to use it

Here are three ways you can use Sempervivum. The most common are drinking it as tea. But you can also use in the form of juice, coatings, greases, or tincture.

1- Sempervivum tea

Sempervivum tea, also known as houseleek tea is really good to fight painful menstruation, diarrhea, cramps, and sores.

It is very easy to prepare. What you just need to do is to pour 10 g or 12 g of freshly dried houseleek in boiled water (water is best to be not boiled but just to the point where it will boil).

Leave for 10 t0 15 minutes maximum. Strain the water and let it cool for a bit.

For best effect, you just need to consume it in the morning when you have an empty stomach.

2- Boost your metabolism and healthy detox of your body

To boost your metabolism, you just need two main ingredients. 500 grams of houseleek and 1 kg honey.

First, squeeze the plant’s leaves in a bowl. Strain the lot and take the juice.

Now, add the honey to the juice. Mix the lot.

Store the mixture in a warm place and leave it for 7 days in a warm place. Do not forget to put the lot in a glass bottle or a glass recipient that you can close.

After, the 7 days period, you’ll need to take one tablespoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

Aim at not eating for about 2 hours after taking the remedy.

Remember that this remedy will speed up your metabolism. It will also cleanse your body.

3- Cure the hemorrhoids with sempervivum

This is a great recipe for hemorrhoids. You just need 3 ingredients.

First, you need about 300 grams of crushed leaves of houseleek (this makes a mixture with crushed leaves and juice); then some 750 grams of meadow honey; and finally 1 lemon. That’s all.

Now peel the lemon and put it in water.

If forgot about this. You need to add a teaspoon of baking soda.

Wait for 1 hour.

Next, wash the lemon and cut it into slices. Grind both the lemon slices and the houseleek leaves.

Drain the lot using a gauze. This will give you some real nice juice.

Finally, pour the honey in the juice and stir the lot with a wooden spoon.

Put everything in a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Take 1 teaspoon every morning before your meals. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes before eating.

For best effect, you need to use this remedy for a month and a half.

This is a video for Fibroids sufferers:

what is a sempervivum plant?

Many people know this plant and use it to cure an earache. But very few know all of its healing features.

The plant is mostly known as ‘houseleek’. But it’s real latin name is Sempervivum.

If you know latin, you’ll quickly spot that this word is composed of two very important other words.

The first one is the Latin word, Semper. It means ‘always’.

The second word is Vivus. It means ‘alive’.

So if you read it, sempervivum means ‘always alive’, which is a great way of describing the plant.

In essence, the plant is almost indestructible.

You many not know this, but in a number of regions, the plant is also called bullock’s beard, earwort, devil’s beard, fuet etc.

It is one of those plants that some say it is a fatty type flower. It is full of water, grows everywhere, is used as an ornament in our houses, but is also known as a medicinal plant.

Why is sempervivum so healthy?

Latest studies on sempervivum illustrate that houseleek has flavonoids, tannin, valuable acids, plant mucilage, and carbohydrates.

The above properties of the plant tell us why our ancestors used it. In essence, it has astringent, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

Houseleek plant is known to be a very old means to cure eardrum damage, earache and hearing loss.

What our ancestors used to do is to make some juice from it. Then they poured it in the ears, which dissolved the excess resin. This relieved ear pain.

What is of utmost importance is that there is new research showing the positive effects of the plant.

For instance, the polysaccharide that is in the juice acts on our immune system. Some of its properties can prevent cancer.

Where to find houseleek?

So many people ask me this question – where to buy sempervivum? Well, most of the time I tell them that they do not need to buy it. I give them one to plant it in their garden.

But if you are reading this article, then I am sure you are quite far away from me. So I got you sorted. Click on the below picture and you’ll be directed to as site where you can find sempervivum for sale and buy it online.


How to plant houseleeks?

Planting houseleek is so simple that anyone can do it. If you find someone who has a sempervivum at home, then just cut one of their offsets.

In other words, just cut a small flower that is growing from the plant.

Plant it in a small pot or garden. You seldom need to pour water on these plants like arid climate.

Here is how to propagate and plant houseleeks and sempervivum.

Planting sempervivum using seeds

Now if you prefer to growing the plant from scratch, there is a simple and very effective method for that.

It is a very easy process. What I would advise is that growing sempervivum from the seeds is not that easy. You definitely need to know a number of tricks.

First, plant the seeds as you would do for any plant.

You just need to press the seeds into the soil in your garden or in 2-inch flower pots.

Note that the seeds need w ill light to germinate. You also need to ensure temperatures of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 21 degree Celsius).

What is interesting is that if they don’t germinate in 4 to 5 weeks, you do not need to panic.

Experts in houseleeks have come up with a nice trick for this. Take your flower pot and put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 weeks.

After this period, just put them back towards a nice sunny place with the appropriate temperature conditions.

90% of the time, the seeds will germinate. You’ll end up with a nice plant in a pot which you can replant in your garden in a few weeks if you wish to do so.

Just for your own interest, your plant may never look like the parent one.

Sempervivum grown from seeds have the tendency to hybridize themselves to a new unusual plant. So you never know what you will end up with. That’s the best part of this process.

Enjoy the wait and hopefully, you’ll get the same plant as the parent (if you are lucky). If not, just enjoy your new species.

Here is a video that summarize all that has been described in this article:


Now you know that sempervivum is a plant that is easy to cultivate, plant and use. But what I want you to remember is that this plant can do wonders for you.

If you have skin, stomach or hemorrhoids issues, then you must try the magical remedies I gave you.

This plant can be found everywhere, so do not hesitate, use it, plant it and enjoy it.

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