5 magical methods to relieve stress in under 10 minutes

Stress is THE disease of this century. Everyone is asking the same question – How to relieve stress in the shortest possible time?

I do not think that this question is acceptable.

Similarly, I do not think that it is acceptable we devote only 10 minutes a day to our souls and bodies.

However, the speed at which we are being asked to deliver things is getting shorter and shorter. Here are a couple of examples.

Relieve stress with 5 methods

Examples of stress situations

When we win a project, the client wants it delivered yesterday.

When we have to go to a meeting, we need to put two to three report before the meeting takes place.

To do shopping, we do not go to the supermarket, we want to get things delivered to our homes as we are busy working.

So all in all, the time we can devote to ourselves is getting shorter.

As such we all need to look at ways we can deal with stress and find stress relieved type methodologies to help us on a daily basis.

This is exactly why I put this post together for you (and I).

It illustrates 5 methods that I use on a weekly basis to help me dealing with stress. It also helps a lot of my friends too and we help each other by texting, messaging and sharing.

We share the method we used on a given day so that we remind ourselves that life is about taking time for our souls and bodies too.

Fight your brain stress

5 methods to relieve stress in under 10 minutesrelieve stress and anxiety with these 5 methods


Let’s have a look at what relieves stress.

At the end of the day, you really need to take this seriously.

It is like being in a war and your enemy is an anomaly in society.

Stress relieving methods are sometimes over-complicated and I am trying to provide you means for stress relieving in under 10 each.

You can mix and match this and do 2 sessions a day, say 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

1- Take a walk – My favorite

Walk for stress relief

I have to say that this is probably the easiest way to relieve stress. I usually walk when I speak on the phone, and it helps a lot when I am under pressure.

So, I do 10 minutes walks every day. I all the stress disappear. I do not have anxiety too.

If you think about it, scientists have proven that if you exercise in any form or shape, then reduce your stress levels.

You will also reduce the production of stress hormones.

What I find great with walking is that it helps me find solutions to my problems. It oxygenates my brain and I manage to gather my thoughts.

The funny bits is that I get back to work (when I walk at lunch time) having found a potential solution to a difficult problem. I think giving a break to your brain allows it to analyze things and connect solutions to problems in a better way.

So go to work walking, get some oxygen, let your brain do its magic, and then discuss your solutions with people at work.

Walking will simply make you much calmer.

2- Music to relieve stress

Disco to relive stress

Listening to music relieves stress – But why does listening to music relieve stress?

Simply because music is emotion. When we listen to music, our mind finds an escape route to all of its trouble.

It just cut off. You forget about worrying, anxiety, stress and a lot of issues disappear.

In fact, our bodies start moving on their own and in no time you end up dancing. So if you do listen to music every day for ten minutes, dance a bit, then you’ll end up relaxing.

Even if you are in your car, just play music instead of listening to the ‘bad’ news on the radio.

You’ll see in a couple of days, you’ll be all relaxed. Chose the songs that make you happy and not depressing songs too. Now it is DISCO time 😉

3- A list to get rid of stress

A list to get rid of stress

Interestingly, getting more organized reduce your stress dramatically.

I have a habit. Every day, I start my day with a list.

I list the most urgent things to do. Then I list the less urgent list. And then I use this list to make another list.

I start to list the easiest things to do and then the most difficult ones.

After that, I start my day. I start it with the easiest things to do for a good reason.

When I am done with the easiest things to do, then I have already completed 30% of my day job. This means I already feel good.

As such, I end up cracking the difficult things to do in a relax way as I am not pressed by time. I know that I have accomplished something, so my mental health is right at the top.

4- Anxiety and stress relieve with meditation

Meditation for stress relief and anxiety relief

This is something that you will need to practice to get to a level where you can feel more relaxed.

I started with only 5 minutes a day. What I did is to sit in a nonnoisy room and started to listen to my breathing pattern (NO NOISE PLEASE).

Every time my brain started to think about something else than my breathing pattern, I re-concentrated and focused on my breathing pattern. I did this again and again until the day I could do this for 10 minutes.

When I managed to do this, then there were no issues for me to do this even where there is noise.

Meditation relaxed me and my brain and as soon as I finish my 10 minutes session, I feel like I am a newborn.

I’d like to repeat myself. You need practice for this to work. When your brain will allow you to relax, then you have won against stress.

5- Make a diary as stress relieving activities

Make a diary as stress relieving activities

This is a weird one. How can making a diary be relevant as stress relieving activities?

Well, many of my friends use this method to allow them to put their frustration on papers.

They even put down what they want to say to their boss but are shy to do.

What they get out of it is the sentiment and feeling that they have told their boss that they are wrong.

The satisfaction feeling they get provides them more confidence and at some point, they manage to discuss some of the points with their bosses in a constructive way.

This is how they solved their stress levels. This is the one I use the least, but I use a different method.

I start an email and put all my frustrations towards the person that has caused that frustration. Then I save it as a draft. A couple of days later I come back to that email, read it and laugh at it.

Stress is gone!


Here we go you have 5 stress relieving techniques to use. You can now relax again in less than 10 minutes.

My advice is to mix and match each technique to solve your problems.

If you are still asking yourself how to relieve stress fast, then I would say that walking and making a list of your problems and potential solutions should work best.

Relieving stress is always a combination of things, so do not do one single thing, but use a number of the above methods.

Back to you

I hope you enjoyed the different techniques that I provided you with. They all work and are a great source for relieving stress. Please do not forget to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

See you soon in another Omigy post.


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