Blackberry Leaf Tea – 4 healing reasons why you must drink this tea

Very few of us know that blackberry leaf tea has been used in ancient time for healing purposes. It is one of those things, where we are so used to go to the doctor, we forget we have a wealth of healthy plants and remedies surrounding us.

The leaf that can do wonders to your body. It can heal very basic diseases to the more complex. Example in history shows that the leaf was use to cure sore throats and some cancers.

blackberry leaf

This healing feature is just a normal feature that comes naturally with blackberry leaves and there is nothing rocket science about it. The leaf is full of antioxidants and many other substances that are good for your bodies.

It is human to just think that the fruit is the best part of the blackberry plant. But this plant has shown to resist to some of the worse chemicals on earth (pesticides) that it can only be a fantastic disease fighter.

If you cannot kill blackberry leaf with pesticides that create cancer, then it can only be good to fight cancer. REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT. It could save your life.

What is blackberry leaf tea good for?

There are many prevalent good health properties associated with this plant. Among the most important is its properties that help fight cancer – and that is actively fight it. Here I provide you with four reasons behind the success of these leaves.

1- Blackberry is the real deal for fighting cancer

Free radicals are the most likely known cause for cancer. A number of studies have investigated leaves and herbs that are rich in antioxidant properties. The results showed that these can stop tumor growing, reduce dramatically the spreading of bad cells and prevent from developing cancer.

Blackberry leaves enter the small circle of winner in this this cancer fighting category. The tea itself is really good to fight free radicals, and as such it is advisable to drink this tea on a daily basis.

2- An excellent natural solution for diarrhea and abdomen pain

The tea is astringent. As it tightens your tissues, it is really good against diarrhea. Furthermore, this particular property allows to reduce belly aches and cramps.

If you feel that the tea is a little too strong for you, then you can add a number of mint leaves in it. It will definitely add some nice tastes and flavor.

3- Reduce body joints and muscle ache and inflammation

In many countries, the leaf is use for healing body joints. The traditional healing experts says that drinking the tea will attenuate the aching for muscles too. So if you have an inflammation, and are allergic to anti-inflammation medicines, then you can use this tea leaves.

But there is more to it. You can also mix the tea with willow bark. If you do not have that, you can always use horsetail leaves. By mixing these together, you can fight and reduce dramatically rheumatism.

4- Reduce premature skin aging

I always like to reduce my skin aging. This is one of those remedy that can do this. The tea stops having negative aging effect from UV exposure. It simply stops the enzymes responsible for aging when being exposed to UV.

Drinking the tea often, will increase the production of collagen. More collagen means shiny and softer skin. And younger too.

What does blackberry leaf tea taste like?

This tea does not have the same taste as the blackberry fruit. It is more like black tea. So if you are used to drink black tea and want to get away from it caffeine content, you can use the blackberry lead tea. It will do.

The tea is high in flavor, and you can change it by adding other flavors like mint etc. I have tried it with milk, and it is not that good, neither that bad. It is just different in taste.

How to make blackberry leaf tea?


The first thing I’d like to say is: Get organic leaf tea. Now that you have this, just follow up the below preparation.


  • I would say that there two main things to main a good tea. The first ‘thing’ is excellent water This is so essential that at certain locations, you have no other choice than to buy water so you can make a good tea. I would some nice filtered water.
  • The second thing, is the choice of tea itself. I gave you the brand I use below. You can get it or buy another one.
  • Pour the water in a pan and take it to boiling point (when there are small bubble inside the pot, it the time to turn the knob off) – small bubble and not bubbling boiling water.
  • Pour a spoon or  two of tea inside the water (tbs). This depends if you like strong or weak tea. I like it weak, so 1 tbs for me.
  • If you buy teabags, then just use one teabag. That should be enough for a mug.
  • Now, cover and wait for 7 to 12 minutes for the tea to infuse. This is where the tea releases its substance. Strain the tea if you did not use teabags.
  • The tea is ready. That’s it. Relax and enjoy its taste and its healthy effect on your body.

Where to find Blackberry Leaf  tea?

This tea is not easy to find. Believe me I have tried. The best and easiest I found is to buy it through the web. Click on the below picture if you want to buy blackberry leaf tea.

blackberry leaf


Blackberry tea is one of the best tea you can drink. It is easy to make but a little difficult to find. That’s why I gave you a link where to buy it.

The tea is really good to fight cancer. It has several properties that can help you with cramps and diarrhea. If you drink it often, you can improve your skin and reduce joint pain.

Enjoy the taste of this wonderful tea and maximize your body healing with it.

Back to you

I hope you enjoyed the post. As usual, please do not forget to take action and drink some of this tea. Share the post if you can with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

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