Common hawthorn – The best natural healthy solution for your heart – True story inside

Common hawthorn plays an important part in my diet. The reason is simple. It makes my heart healthier. The below picture shows you a tree that will make these wonderful, heart healthy fruits, flowering.

common hawthorn

In the last decade, the number of cardiovascular incidents has increased dramatically to a level never heard before.

A lot of people are now suffering from inflammations of the heart muscle, tachycardia, irregular heartbeat, some type of unhealthy angina, weakened the heart muscle, heart valves issues, etc.

But there is a very good solution for these. And it is not a common one I have to say.  It is natural and can be found in many countries in the bushes.

The fruit I am speaking about is common hawthorn.

The fruit is also known as single-seeded hawthorn, or herb hawthorn, in French it is called Aubépine and in latin Crataegus monogyna (don’t try to say it, it is way too hard to speak latin).

Well, if you feel you want to strengthen your heart, the remedy I am about to share with you is very effective for cardiac type problems.

Where did I hear about common hawthorn? My true story

hawthron berries to heal your heart problems

I first heard about common hawthorn from my dad.

We were walking in a forest and he said, look at this fruit, it is not the best one to eat, but it is a fruit that has allowed me not to feel hungry when I was a child.

My dad comes from a family of 9 children. So, the food was not always enough on the table at that time.

He had to find ways to fill his stomach without being sick.

He and his friends always looked for things that can be eaten out of their natural surrounding.

Whether it is mushrooms, blueberries, fishing, or some natural fruits that no others wanted.

Common hawthorn is one of those fruits that has helped my dad in those days. He said that he ate the orange, yellowish and red type common hawthorn.

He was so hungry that he ate a lot, till he could not anymore.

What was interesting is that he never had issues like stomach pain or others when he ate this fruit.

And funny enough, my dad has never had a problem with his heart either. I am sure you guessed it, he is quite at an advanced age and still doing his own garden.

So, maybe there is some good stuff in this small fruit. Let’s see.

What can common hawthorn do for you?

Hawthorn dried fruit

This fruit has been used in ancient time by the Greeks and Romans.

The Greek and Roman doctors knew how to use the hawthorn to treat many diseases.

The healing properties of hawthorn have been investigated for centuries. Unfortunately, it is only in the past decade that people are really coming out with the positive healthy effect it has on your heart.

We all are proud of the advancement of medicine. Whether it is on the surgery side of things or on the medication.

However, no matter what you say about these advancements, the many medications to treat your heart problems could be alleviated if you use some nice natural fruit.

A lot of heart problems start with aging. For instance, when you get older you have the potential for heart failures and weakening of the heart muscle.

But the drugs to deal with these issues are sometimes not really adequate.

As such, if you are like me, you may want to try the natural method. Here, I provide you with some ways you can address these using common hawthorn tincture.

If you do not like hawthorn tincture, then why not drinking hawthorn tea?

What do experts say about hawthorn?

Experts who have studied this plant say that most heart problems can be treated using hawthorn tea or hawthorn tincture.

In general, hawthorn has a very strong and positive effect on your heart.

Scientists are now agreeing that it strengthens your heart muscle. It also removes arrhythmia and works to eliminate problems with the heart that occur when we get older.

They also agree that the plant helps with angina pectoris and arteriosclerosis.

In addition to all this, scientists have found that people used to consume this plant have better blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure, you can use hawthorn.

Interestingly, hawthorn has been used in ancient time to treat pneumonia.

It was also used to ease the problems and discomfort in women in menopause.

Nowadays, many are using it to reduce discomfort with bronchitis, aging, and epilepsy.

Heal your heart with hawthorn tincture and tea 

Heal your heart with hawthorn

If you want to strengthen your heart, then hawthorn tincture is perfect for that.

When you consume tincture of hawthorn you effectively strengthen your heart muscle. You also help to preserve your heart arteries and the rest of the circulatory system from being damaged.

The tincture is really good for all of us, the older and the less so.

If you already have a heart condition such as high blood pressure or are a victim of angina pectoris, you can use the tincture.

Similarly, if you have various heart defects such as atherosclerosis, palpitations, heart nervousness, irregular heartbeat, etc. then you can try this natural remedy.

What is important for you to remember is that tincture of hawthorn is highly beneficial for your whole body.

It has a positive effect on your health by calming your nerves It helps to reduce your stress level, get rid of anxiety and reduce uneasy feelings in the heart. All of these symptoms may at the time cause many psychological problems.

Tea of hawthorn to heal your heart

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hawthorn with Hibiscus Tea

Hawthorn tea is probably the simplest way to help you with your heart problem.

Note that this is not a quick fix thing. It takes time to heal your heart, so you need to drink a lot of for a long period of time before you’ll  have the expected effect.

At the end of the day, it took years for you to damage your heart. So, it will take a couple of months before hawthorn tea reduces some of your heart problems and finally get rid of it.

Nevertheless, it is better to heal your heart slowly.

How to make the tea of hawthorn

This is very easy. The tea is made from the leaves, flowers, and fruits of these trees.

In order to prepare one cup of tea, you just need a single tablespoon of hawthorn or leaves, or fruit, or flowers, or even a mixture of them. I personally prefer a mixture.

Here is what you need to do. Take some water and heat it up to boiling point (not boiled please).

Now add your spoon of the above mixture. Wait a couple of minutes. That’s it, your tea is ready.

It is advisable to drink 2 to 3 cups of tea per day.

For the more severe cases of heart problems, you will need to consume this tea for quite a long period of time. Do not be tempted to stop. And do not forget, it takes time to heal. So take the time.

Here is a video that shows you how to make your own tea.

Tincture of hawthorn – Here is the recipe

Herb Pharm Hawthorn Blend Extract for Cardiovascular and Circulatory Support

First the good news. Anyone can make the tincture of hawthorn as long as you have the supply of the leaves and flowers. That’s all. If not, then you’ll need to get someone to do it for you or buy it.

Hawthorn blooms at spring time towards the end of February and beginning of March. In some countries, they may take a little longer.

When the tree blooms, it is the ideal time to pick up the flowers and some leaves.

To make the tincture, you also need a 90 % medical alcohol (I said preferably 90 %).

If you cannot get some of this, you can always use 70% medical alcohol.

The tincture recipe

Here is how to prepare it.

  1. Take 20 g of hawthorn leaves and flowers.
  2. Now, chop these into very fine pieces.
  3. Put them in a glass container that you can seal.
  4. Pour 1 dl of alcohol inside the container.
  5. Seal the container and shake it a bit.
  6. Let the container stand for 3 weeks at room temperature.
  7. At the end of the 3 weeks, just separate the liquid from the leaves etc. by strainer the content.

That’s it. You have the tincture ready. You can start drinking it.

How to consume the hawthorn tincture?

You can drink the tincture 3 to 4 times a day. For best effect, you need to drink it on an empty stomach. Try to do this before meals.

The idea is to use 15 drops of the tincture with a little water.

When do you see any results from drinking hawthorn tincture?

It does take time before you’ll see any results.

For some, it will take about three months, while with others it can take about 5 months. So if you are looking for an easy and quick solution, then this is not for you.

At the end of the day, we have all been drinking tea or coffee for years and never thought about why it takes any long period of time for it to have an effect on us.

So, we just need to change a little bit our habits. That’s all. The benefits are there for us to collect.


I am glad that common hawthorn exist. I am glad for two main reasons.

The first reason is that it kept my dad happy and not hungry when he was young. He could eat hawthorn fruit and fill his stomach. He did not really like or dislike the fruit, it was just a necessity to stay alive.

The second reason is that it keeps your heart healthy. So if you are looking for a healthy solution to your heart problem, then this one is for you.

The unique properties of the plant, flowers, and fruits are really good for your overall body. But they are fantastic for your heart. Now that you know, you just need to act.

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