I have been writing about pain so many times that I think you may be saying, why on earth would you write about pain in your heels?

Well every type of pain is different.

If you recall, I wrote about knee pain and joint pain in this post. I investigated and provided a cure for a lady who had incredible joint pain that she could not move out of her bed (click here to see this post).

I also looked into removing pain in the bones (here is the post).

But I have never ever investigated how to remove the pain in your heels. And I have never attempted to find a remedy that could help you forever with this pain. Why now? Read below.

Get rid of pain in your heels

The friend who’s behind the pain in your heels post

A friend of mine is a runner. He uses a lot his feet.

One day, he did fall on his back heel when he was running downhill. He put his body weight, his downhill speed (which added to his body mass weight) straight onto a stone.

He hit his back heel on that stone. Since then he has hard time to walk and do anything standing up.

So he asked for my help as he could not handle medicines anymore. We tried a couple of things, and finally ended up with a winner.

This is why I decided to provide you with not one, not two but three ways to get rid of back heels pain. Each of these methods had a degree of success with him. So they should do with you.

Where does pain in your heels come from?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition which appears in the heels and it can be very painful. The symptoms include pain and inflammation which starts in the ligament that joins the heel to the fingers of the foot. The condition is caused by the tearing of the ligament.

Under normal circumstances, the plantar fasciitis acts as a shock absorber for the foot, on the part which supports the arch. If there is too much tension in the plantar fasciitis, it can actually break.

It is very common in elderly people or people who have to stand on their feet during long periods of time, generally because of work.

The plantar fasciitis usually causes an acute pain in the low part of the foot next to the heel.

In general it is more painful during the first steps after some someone spends a lot of time on their feet or maybe sit for a long time or lie down for a long time.

Three methods to get rid of back heels pain

The below methods are simple. The first one is kinda something everyone of us know, but do not practice (like my friend!). The second one is a must do. And the third need to be used at the end of the inflammation.

1. Rest your feet

This is so weird. But I found out that even when you hurt yourselves, you think that your body is a super type machinery that it can deal with healing your foot / feet without getting rests.

Well this is untrue. I asked my friend to tell me what he was doing to get rid of his pain. He said he used anti-inflammatory products. That’s it.

I said, well you’ll need to give  your heel a break. So no more walking or anything else. Better for you to start swimming instead, which to be fair to him, he did right away.

If you have a victim of back heel condition, then limit or stop the daily activities that are causing pain in your heel completely.

Avoid running or fast walking and look for other alternatives of this type of exercises that won’t disturb your feet.

Use shoes with good absorption of shock and a great quantity of support for the arch of your foot.

2. Reduce the inflammation

Because part of the plantar fasciitis includes inflammation of the ligaments, try to put ice on your heel to reduce the pain and the inflammation.

Also, try to intake honey in your diet more, because researchers from China have confirmed that honey has anti-inflammatory properties.

The best way is to fill up a bucket with a little bit of water and a lot of ice. When you are ready, put your foot inside the bucket for one minute. Then remove. Wait for 2 minutes and repeat. Do this for 10 minutes.

If you are brave, then have two buckets. One with warm water (not hot) and one with cold water. When you remove your foot from the cold water, put it in the warm water. Do this for a few days. You’ll get a definite improvement.

3. Increase the flexibility

Since the principal problem with the plantar fasciitis is that the ligament broke because of the tension, the best way of preventing this from happening would be making the plantar fasciitis more flexible.

What I mean is that your plantar must be able to support more pressure. You can do this with the help of various methods.

Just make sure you’re not doing this when the symptoms of the plantar fasciitis are very severe. If you do so, then you may damage your whole ligament. This is purely a preventive measure.

The first stretching you can do is finger stretching. Put the heels on a flat surface with the toes pointing up. Take your big toe and pull it towards your heel softly, as far as you can go. Remain in this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

The second stretching is calf stretching. Stand opposite a wall, with the hands against the wall at a height of your eyes approximately.

Put the foot you want to stretch behind your other foot. Stand with the foot on the ground firmly and cross your other leg forward until you feel a stretching in the low part of the area of your calf. Do this for 15 to 30 seconds.

The third stretching is towel stretching. Sit on the ground with the feet directly facing you. Put a towel under your feet.

Take the towel for every end and pull it towards you, stretching your feet. Make sure you support your right knee. Do this for 15 to 30 seconds.

An extra advice

It may well be that you have a more complex condition. I have been wearing orthopedic sole for quite sometime and reduced a lot of pain I had at my feet level.

You can always try this too. Click on the below picture to get an orthopedic sole.

Orthopaedic sole for your feet


The three methods I provided above are complementary. For best results, you need to use them in tandem. You can still chose to only apply one and see how it goes.

But for me, if you do the three in tandem, then you will get best results.

Back to you

Here it is. Now you have the tools and means to make sure that your back heels will heal. So make sure you take action.

Please do not forget to comment and like the post. Share it with your friends too who may have the condition.

See you in another Omigy post.

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