Does red bull contain bull semen?

Does red bull contain bull semen?

Do you want to find out the truth or still stay in the dark?

I think you better know what this is all about before you ever drink this world renown energy-drink.

Let’s try and answer the following question:

Do energy drinks have bull sperm?

And I mean any type of energy drink.

First, the news that energy drinks had bull’s sperm come from an article in the Longhorn Cattle’s study.

And this study has at the time of its publication shocked the world.

What the article said could not be clearer.

It described that experts discovered that energy drinks had a special ingredient extracted from bull urine and semen.

What the scientists did is that they tested some of the top energy drink brands.

They aimed specifically at the ones that were sold by the thousands.

They investigated energy drink brands including Red Bull, Monster, etc.

Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain ‘Bull Urine & Semen’

And they were trying to answer the common question: do energy drinks have bull sperm in them?

What they found out is that there was taurine in the drink. And you may ask yourselves what’s taurine?

What is taurine and does red bull contain bull semen?

Simply put Taurine is a known ingredient named after the Latin Taurus. And in English Taurus means bull.

And the Taurine history comes a long way. It was, in fact, first extracted and isolated from ox bile in 1827 by the Australian scientists Leopold Gmelon and Friedrich Tiedemann.

And Taurine has since been classified as an amino acid. However, it does lack a carboxyl group.

And amino acids are really good to improve your energy levels.

So, if you look into this a little closer, you can understand that Taurine is being used for making energy drinks.

Where to find taurine?

Taurine is naturally found in bulls’ semen, livers, and urine.

This may sound a little disgusting but it is true.

And the scientists believed that taurine is a common ingredient in the energy drinks because they found the substance in it.

Their conclusion was that energy drinks have bull sperm and that taurine a byproduct of bull testicles.

So how is it possible that some sperm can get into a drink? And does energy drinks have bull sperm in it.

Well, the first thing in this investigation is to find out if it is at all possible to collect sperm and how difficult it is to get it.

That’s why I added the video below. There you’ll learn how Taurine is extracted from the bulls.

Now, the journal describes that the video was created by an employee of the company who provides the energy drink companies with this unusual ingredient.

And funny enough, people say that the video was accidentally made public.

The first thing we need to ask ourselves is: If this is so much a secret, would the company using semen not try to protect their trade secret a little better?

In fact, people say that the employee was fired for violating company policy.

But let us think a little more. To date, no one has the secret recipe for Coca Cola drink. And this recipe is very well protected. So, on that basis, I question the fact energy drinks have bull sperm in them.

Do energy drinks have bull sperm in them?

This is a hoax really.

This is what one should call fake news in its most wonderful way.

I am sure that many people would be happy to learn that this is fake.

And here is why.

First, I need to state the obvious.

Taurine is definitely used in producing energy-drinks. But does red bull contain bull semen from the taurine?

Well, the taurine that is used is synthetically produced by pharmaceutical companies.

So, you get the amino acid that provides you the high energy.

However, you do not get to drink bull’s sperm. And I am sure you are glad about this.

It also guarantees that you get a drink with the highest quality, but unfortunately that the drink is completely synthetic.


Taurine is found in energy drinks to provide you with high energy. However, taurine is not derived from animals.

Now, do you need to drink these energy-drinks? This is an entirely different question.

For my part, I would not drink any of these drink as they are synthetically made and this is not good for our bodies.

So, I made that decision a long time ago. And I never looked back.

If you need energy, then find it around you with the love that your family can give you and with healthy food. And not in some synthetically made drink.

It is up to you. Again, this is a free world and I will not force anyone in doing or not doing something.

Back to you

You can always ask yourselves, does monster energy drink have bull sperm in it or do all energy drinks have bull sperm in them? (1)

The reality is, if you drink energy drinks, you may end up drinking taurine. And the taurine is synthetically produced, so no you’ll not drink sperm or semen.

So, you are safe on that matter.

Ask yourselves if you need to drink these drinks, as energy should normally come from within you.

Anyway, speak soon on another great Omigy article.


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