Filipinos adore kangkong– it’s their favorite vegetable, no matter if it’s stir-fried or used in sinigang.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Kangkong can kill you.kangkong

What is kangkong?

Kangkong is a superfood that is rich in essential nutrients, but a new study suggests that the vegetable is a noxious weed.

A noxious vegetable is a vegetable that is harmful to you.

These weeds are very harmful and are classified as detrimental to crops, natural habitats or ecosystem, humans and livestock.

How do noxious weeds get introduced in our habitats?

Noxious weeds are usually introduced to an ecosystem by ignorance, mismanagement or accident. They grow very fast, multiply without control and have adverse effects when ingested.

Can kangkong be eaten?

Yes, but you have to be extra vigilant.

You must be very careful when preparing kangkong or you will end up with fasciolopsiasis. This condition is caused by the Fasciolopsisbuski, a parasitic intestinal fluke that can be found in larval cysts on kangkong and other water vegetables.

The cysts release the fluke when the vegetable is ingested and it anchors on the walls of the host’s intestines causing symptoms such as abdominal pain, indigestion as well as allergic reactions.

The consequences of eating improperly prepared kangkong can be fatal, which is why experts recommend stir-frying it before consumption. Better to be safe than sorry!

Get a stir fry pan

By the way, if you do not have a stir fry pan, click on the below picture and you can just chose one of the ones presented. Aim for a nonstick stir fry pan. If not you’ll have problems when cooking.

Stir fry pan for cooking kangkong



Only eat kangkong if you are sure the person cooking it knows what he/she is doing. Kangkong is delicious and I have consumed it when I was in the Philippines.

There, they know how to cook it, so you should be safe. However I would be worried and anxious if I had to eat it in Europe or US.

In conclusion, unless you are sure of the person who is cooking this vegetable, then I would advise that you avoid it. Otherwise, eat as much as you can when you are 100% sure of the chef / cook. You never know when you’ll find another chef who knows how to cook the herb.

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