KETCHUP – 4 highly disturbing facts you won’t want your child to eat it ever again

If you live in North America or Europe then you most likely associate ketchup with the brand Heinz. Elsewhere it is a little different story, but still, Heinz is making its way into our home everywhere on the planet.

That is not a real surprise when you know the facts. A little more than 650 million Heinz ketchup bottles find their ways to our homes on a yearly basis. And if you think you know anything about this little bottle, then learn that this product is sold in more than 140 countries.

On top of the above, more than 11 billion single-serve packets (the ones you are given when you buy a sandwich, burger, etc.) are sold every year.

Ketchup is so successful that CBS Money Watch has featured ketchup as one of “America’s Favorite Ketchup’. The reason is simple; Ketchup takes just over 50% of the condiment market in the US.

This is one of the most popular products. But this does not mean it is a really good product too. Several studies have investigated different ketchup brands on the market. And what they say is that Heinz is definitely not the healthiest. Read on to find out why.

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1- What is the nutritional value of ketchup

Do you really think it has any nutritional value? Think twice about this. The facts are that Heinz ketchup has near-zero vitamins, calcium or iron. And this is “America’s favorite ketchup”.

2- Beware the high fructose corn syrup

First I want to tell that if you want to eat ketchup, then you must buy the ones that are without high fructose corn syrup.

You know it, and I repeat myself here. European and American diet is full of over-saturated fat. They are also full of fructose corn syrup. Many doctors and scientists are clear on this matter. A number of food containing this particular ingredient can kill you.

It is like shooting yourself with a bullet. However it is a slow-motion bullet, that kills your internal organs and you embrace this product as being great, healthy and tasty. You’re being fooled by marketers.

Yes, Heinz ketchup is one of those products that rank extremely high on the list of slow killing food.

Regrettably, all products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup are dangerous for you. They increase the risk of heart disease (heart attacks etc.). And there are the obvious ones that we all try to say this will not happen to me like obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, and tooth decay. What more do you want me to say to convince you this is bad for you?

3- It contains distilled vinegar

Acidic products a quite dangerous for us. The danger is not in the acid but in the type of acid. In the case of ketchup, distilled vinegar is used as the second most prominent ingredient. This is very acidic and has been demonstrated to harden your joints. So you end up with joints problems. .

4- Heinz is an untrustworthy company

For many years, Heinz advertised its vinegar as all-natural. When you look a bit closer, you find that it contains GMO corn. If you dig a little bit more, you’ll find Heinz was named in a lawsuit for this exact false advertising.

The suitors defined that Heinz violated California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act by labeling their products as “all-natural”. The facts are they aren’t natural products.


Heinz has been using great marketing and advertisement to reach its current global rank. They are just starting to work towards better recipes for their products. However, they are still not telling the truth and it is only by not using them that you will make a point to these giant industry leaders.

Let’s not fool ourselves, these giants only react to customers’ views, and if we accept what they dump onto us, then they have no need to change their secret recipes.

Do you want your child to grow and being killed slowly because you wanted to give him a sauce full of syrup that is a carcinogen? Or do you want to inform your child about the issues with this and why he should be careful of marketing and adverts? Always check the labels. And eat healthily. I am sure Heinz will do great when they hear that you are not satisfied with their tactics.

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