NAIL POLISH – Think twice before using it

I consider myself a healthy person. I try to eat healthily and live a health-conscious life. However, there are times I think that I need to look into much deeper into things to understand them and to see if there are no hidden secrets. Nail polish is one of those things that holds secrets.

I have used nail polish since I was a child. First to play with it and then to enhance the look of my nails. But there are things with nail polish that you must be aware of. So I went and I investigated and got hold of a study.

This study showed that a large number of nail polishes sold around the world can harm you badly.

Putting on Nail Polish

What did the study show on nail polish?

A number of scientists decided to reach out to 20 women. They all were heavy users of nail polish. So the scientist checked them for traces of chemicals.

Unfortunately, the results were highly disturbing. They showed that they had a number of toxins in their bodies. What was more disturbing is that scientists could trace back these toxins to the nail polish.

The toxins were triphenyl phosphate. When they investigated a little further, they found that after 10 hours of using nail polish, this deadly substance was already in their bodies.

A second study confirmed what had already been documented in the first one. They went and investigated the different components of nail polishing and identified that 8 out of 10 nail polish brands contain this dangerous chemical.

The sad thing is that only six out of 8 labeled that they contained this chemical.

Triphenyl phosphate

Better known as TPHP or triphenyl phosphate. It is a chemical that is linked to several diseases. The main issue is that it affects your endocrine system.

Dr. Heather Stapleton, a leading scientist of one of the two studies, defined that TPHP negatively affects the production of hormones, reproduction, and metabolism. That does not sound good.

So if your children use nail polishing, then they are at risk. All our children need proper development and hormonal balance at a young age. So teenage girls using nail polish will be definitely affected.

Though this is known to governments and politicians, nothing has been done about it. TPHP has long been considered a dangerous neurotoxin and endocrine toxin. It is also a toxin that produces skin allergen and irritant.


Formaldehyde is another toxin found in nail polishing. It is a very dangerous chemical. Its particularity is to easily dissolve in water or air. It is the chemical that gives nail polishes their specific scent. You know what I mean.

If you use a lot of polish, you may experience asthma and breathing difficulties. So better stay away from polish if you are suffering from chronic diseases.


Toluene is a dangerous chemical. It is a substance that has been long linked to child development disruptions. If you are breastfeeding, then the substance can end up in your milk too. This chemical has shown to produce skin irritation.

Dibutyl phthalate

The industry is moving away from TPHP. They are starting to use other substances. However, this does not mean that the selected substance is good.

For instance, they use dibutyl phthalate, which is as dangerous as TPHP. In fact, it has the same negative effects. It affects the reproductive system and disrupts the hormonal balance.

Natural nail polish solutions

This is better and is good news for women. Nowadays, natural nail polish products exist. For instance, you can get  Honeybee Gardens, Acquarella, SpaRitual, and Peacekeeper Cause-Metics.

With these, you are not required to stop nail polishing. What I would advise you to do, is to checks the labels on your favorite nail polish. If it contains any of the above chemicals, just switch to a natural one.

Nail polishing Honeybee garden


Now you know the dangers of nail polishing. If you have a daughter, do not tell her to stay away from nail polish. What you should do is to speak to her and show her this post.

Then get her some nice natural nail polish solution. We listed 4 of them. And if you use nail polishing, then aim for the natural one too.

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