These 5 smarter healthy foods make you Smarter and more Intelligent

Since my childhood, I keep hearing people telling me that I need to eat fish to become smarter. Whether it is my mom, dad, grandparents, their friends, etc. They all told me:

Eat fish, and you’ll be smarter and more intelligent.

This thing went on and on. Till I could not listen to it anymore. I did not trust that sentence. I did not know why, but it did not sound right. Maybe I had enough of eating fish too 😉

But this question kept coming to my mind: ‘How can they say that fish will make me smarter without any scientific proof?‘ Well, that is why I decided to devote this article to all of you who have heard this same sentence and had enough of it.

Well, that is why I decided to devote this article to all of you who have heard this same sentence and had enough of it. I am not going to write about fish, but about 5 foods. If you eat these, then you’ll definitely get smarter or more intelligent if you prefer.

Eat Smarter and become smarter

Why can food make you smarter?

Okay, we all know that eating healthy is good for us. This is a given.

However, there are some foods that are better for our brain than others. On the same line, there are fruits that are also better for our brain than others.

Experts agree that our brain needs a lot of complex vitamins to function properly. However, they also agree that you are definitely able to enhance the functioning of your brain by just eating the right food.

Scientists have documented a number of these foods that excel in making your brain more effective. Below, I selected five of these that are highly common to all of us. I chose the ones that could help you quickly, and that you can find in your own local supermarket without having to think too much.

You may well have these in your fridge already – and you do not know how good they are for your brain.

1- Carrots make you smarter

carrots makes you smarter

Carrots are well known for their vitamin A. However, a few of us know that they also contain a lot of vitamin B.

Experts are adamant, this vitamin helps to build chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are very important for us. They are the small tiny bits in our brain that transmit messages within our brain neurons.

As such, our nervous system is completely dependent on these. If you do not have a good enough neurotransmitter, you’ll lose a lot of your mental abilities. The more you have, the better it is for you. So eat more carrots.

Note that the neurotransmitter built and secreted by carrot‘s vitamin B will help you with a better mood and manage your hunger and sleep pattern.

2- Smarter yogurt for a smarter person

Yogurt to make you smarter

Can you believe this? Yogurt can make you smarter. They are rich in vitamin B12. But why would they make you smarter?

Strangely enough, yogurts have been qualified by experts as containing THE vitamin for memory.

Scientists say that this strange vitamin can only be found in foods from animal origin. So, if you are a vegetarian, then you will need to eat more yogurt. By doing so, you’ll easily increase your memory efficiency.

In essence, the vitamin present in yogurts facilitates the function of nerves. Better nerves functionality means better body functioning. It also means better signals from the brain to your memory etc.  vitamin B12 can be found in cheese, salmon, beef and crustacean.

Note that if you do not like yogurt, then you can find vitamin B12 cheese, salmon, beef, and crustacean.

3- Popeye spinach makes you smarter


We have all been told to watch Popeye and Olive cartoons. The reasons that parents wanted us to watch this cartoon is to try and convince us that spinach is good for us. They also wanted us to become ‘stronger’ by eating this plant.

I think we all agree about that. Spinach is one of those superfoods. However, very few of us know that it is one of the best food for a healthy brain.

By eating it, you’ll provide your brain with plenty of antioxidants. Experts also agree that you’ll provide it with many vitamins and minerals that it requires for functioning more effectively.

4- Intelligent green tea

Drinking reen tea makes you smarter

We all know that green tea is a great source of antioxidants. We also know that the tea contains large amounts of caffeine. That is why people drink it as a substitute for coffee.

What you need to know is that caffeine is good for you. Like everything else, it is good as long as you do not become dependent on it. It is also good if you do not go overboard with caffeine. improves meditative function,

If you take the right measure, that green tea will definitely improve your meditative function. It will increase your concentration and focus when needed the most.

I know that you might say, why don’t you use coffee or chocolate for the antioxidants. At the end of the day, these antioxidants are in these two ingredients too.

Well, experts are adamant on this matter, coffee and chocolate have fewer antioxidants beneficial to your brain then green tea. Now you know why I drink green tea.

5- Eggs that make you smarter

Eggs make you smarter

Again, very few knows this. Eggs are really good for your brain.

Experts keep finding new things about eggs. However, they also mention that the eggs that are good for you are the one from a real farm (free range). They are the ones where the chicken run around, eat healthily and as such will provide you with the right vitamins.

Eggs contain choline. Choline is one of those vitamins that you need if you want to become smarter. It improves your memory, strengthens it and makes it sharper to brain queries. especially in egg whites.

Eggs whites are full of choline. So eat them.

A video summarizing plants that make you smarter

Here is a video that shows you a summary of the different plants that can make you smarter.


Now you know that you can eat carrots and spinach, yogurt, green tea, and eggs. All of these make you smarter.

So if you are looking to become more intelligent, you can just make a three-course meal with the above ingredients.

First, make a salad with the carrots (first course). Then do a nice omelet with some spinach (main course). Then, you eat a yogurt as a dessert (third course). And finally, have a fantastic green tea to drink for your digestion.

All of these will make you a superb menu that you can share with friends and family. But your brain will also love you for it.

Back to you

I hope that this post will make me smarter as I am eating a lot of the above foods. I love spinach. And I love eggs, etc. So, all in all, I can eat these and still write for you 🙂

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