10 mistakes we make when taking vitamins

Many people regularly take vitamins and supplements, but allowed various errors with the intake and thus lose the opportunity these otherwise harmless pills strengthened and optimize their health.

Here’s what you need to know about safe levels of vitamins.


1. Drink only multivitamins
Unless your doctor recommends them for a specific reason, it a daily habit to drink multivitamins, especially year-round, not good. Experts agree that it is best to take vitamins and minerals by eating whole grains.

2. Take the always the same supplements
Every body has different needs during different seasons and periods, so the selection of vitamins and supplements should be adapted to your individual needs at the moment. Do not buy vitamins that your friend drunk without consulting a doctor. It can deliver additives based on your medical condition. For example, if you have leg cramps at night, you may have a deficiency in magnesium or potassium.

3. You live in a sunny climate and miss to drink vitamin D
If a person lives in a northern region where winter lasts longer, he probably knows that should take vitamin D. The same goes for people who live in the sunny south. Older people suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin. Make a blood test to find out what supplements you need.

4. Drink often calcium
This mineral, along with vitamin D, is crucial to skeletal strength, but too much calcium can harm you. Research published in the journal of the American Association for heart disease recently showed that calcium supplement is associated with the risk of atherosclerosis, or clogged arteries. Consuming calcium-rich foods is a better option.

5. Drink weak probiotics
Health bowels of modern humans are very shaken. Some probiotic supplements do not have enough different strains of bacteria and did not do any work. You should look for a supplement of 10 probiotic strains.

6. overdose of vitamins
Be careful not to overdo it with the intake of vitamins, especially vitamin E and vitamin A.

7. Ignore medicines drink
Not all vitamins are compatible with medications that you drink. Some interactions and combinations can be dangerous.


8. Take the iron too often
Iron supplements are important for the treatment of symptoms of anemia, but you should not overdose because it can start to feel sick and generally not feeling well.

9. Do not control the list of ingredients
Recently laboratory in New York found that 80 percent of the labels of herbal supplements are misleading and untrue.

10. Count your doctor knows all about additives
Vitamins and supplements are the industry 28 billion dollars, but that does not mean that your doctor knows all about the subject. Unfortunately, medical university doctors do not learn very much about food additives and can not meet all your questions on the topic.


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