12 Cancer-Causing Things You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom Right Now!!!!

Eating a healthy diet and living in a healthy environment is crucial for your health.

People have recently started understanding the dangers of toxic cleaning products and dryer sheets and are avoiding putting them in their homes, but rarely anyone is aware of the dangers that lurk in our bedroom, where we spend almost a third of our lives.

You should make your bedroom cancer-free and clean. That is difficult and not to mention expensive, so start with small things and work your way up slowly. Every little change you make will have a positive impact on

That is difficult and not to mention expensive, so start with small things and work your way up slowly. Every little change you make will have a positive impact on your health. It depends on you about how you will begin. Some people start by replacing their mattresses, while others start with the bedding.

These are cancer-causing things you have to improve your bedroom ASAP:

1. Replace Your Pillows and Pillow Cases with Organic Materials

Gradually working your way through the sheets, bedding, mattress and bed frame (if it’s made from artificial products such as particleboard or MDF, see #5 below).

Many people make the mistake of assuming that cotton is a safer choice than synthetics, but the fact is that cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and over 14% of its pesticides. As you can afford it, replace your bedding with organic materials.

2. Replace or Remove All Artificial Fabrics From Your Bedding, Bedroom, and Closet

Synthetics are made from thermoplastics, compounds which release plastic molecules at high temperatures. Try to replace your wrinkle-free clothes with organic materials as they release harmful compounds known as formaldehyde that can damage your health.

3. Replace or remove artificial clothes in your closet

Most synthetics are gas, coal or liquid-based. The gas is spread through a nozzle (spinneret) which is cooled immediately after it emerges and forms tiny threads that are woven to create fabric. To increase durability, Teflon is added on top. Synthetic clothes are very dangerous over time, so try replacing them with organic materials.

4. Remove faux furniture

If you have faux leather furniture in your bedroom, you should replace it with organic materials as fake leather contains PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the most dangerous fabric.

PVC is made more flexible with the use of phthalates that can disrupt your endocrine system, and pillows and cushions are sprayed with toxic chemicals that can result in serious health problems.


5. Shoe-free zone

Have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes in order to avoid letting contaminants inside. Buy a tray for shoes and put it on your door, changing your shoes when you enter your home.

6. Use No-VOC paint

Use nonvolatile organic compounds safer for the environment when you paint your room. Once VOCs vaporize in the air, they start reacting with other elements, producing ozone that pollutes the air and causes problems with the respiratory system.

7. Remove accent/throw rugs

Tile and wood floors are easy to be cleaned and are better for asthma patients. Many people put rugs in the bedroom, however, it collects dirt, dust mites, and allergies that can cause problems. The rugs are made of polyester, produced with antimony, a toxic chemical that may be fatal. Olefin and nylon can be used for making rugs, too.

8. Remove Particle Board and MDF

If you have any furniture that is made of particleboard, MDF or melamine, it shouldn’t be in your house, especially your bedroom. MDF is made with shredded wood that has been softened and powdered.

The powder is combined with resins and other bonding agents and compacted into solid boards. The chemical that causes the most concern is formaldehyde, which can aggravate asthma and other lung conditions, irritate mucous membranes and cause contact dermatitis.

Like MDF, particle board contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen that has been directly linked to nasopharyngeal carcinoma (throat cancer) in people. The chemical can also cause headaches, allergies, nausea and a burning sensation in the throat.

According to TLC, How Stuff Works, within two months, particleboard decreases its toxicity by about 25%. By the end of the first year, particleboard is only half as potent as it was new. It levels off from there and can take up to ten years to run completely outgas.

Look for solid wood furniture at furniture stores, flea markets, and yard sales. Glass and metal end tables and desks generally work well as they don’t outgas and are easily wiped down.

9. Cover or replace your mattresses

If you want to live in a healthier environment you have to do this, even though it is hard. Most of the mattresses are sprayed with flame retardants and chemicals which can cause health issues. If you cannot afford to replace your mattresses, wrap it in a foil barrier cloth that can be purchased online.

10. Minimize electrical devices

They disrupt sleeping, thus avoid putting any electric devices into your bedroom.

11. Buy an air cleaner

Air cleaners are expensive, but you can get a portable one that you can move from room to room. Make sure it has HEPA filtration and that it doesn’t contain ozone.

12. Remove chemically treated drapes and shades

Drapes and shades can trap dust and pollen, so you should replace them with organic materials. If they’re too costly, try finding someone who can sew curtains for you. You can also buy wood blinds – if you’re remodeling, buy the ones that can sit between the window glass, so you can avoid cleaning them frequently.


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