The human body is an amazing thing, and it can do so many tricks that you probably weren’t even aware of.

Some things that you didn’t know your body could do include:

  • Cure heartburn without medication
  • Your pupils dilate when you’re in love


The body can heal itself naturally in some cases, and prevent you from feeling harm in some ways.

Check out these 4 things that you didn’t know your body could do.

1. Your eyes can tell you that you are too cold. When your body gets too cold and hypothermia sets in, the blood vessels in your eyes will constrict in an attempt to save energy, and when that happens, you can go blind temporarily.

2. You can have a super hearing if you turn your left ear towards the person talking, you can hear better. The right ear is better at tracking active talking, and the ear that you get your super hearing from depends on what you are trying to hear.

3. Cure heartburn without medication if you sleep on your left side. Research shows if you sleep on your left side you are less likely to suffer from an acidic stomach this is because the esophagus and stomach are tied together at an angle. If you lie on your right side your stomach will be at a higher position than your esophagus, which will allow acid from your stomach to get up into your throat. On your left side gravity will take over and your stomach will be lower.

4. You can shed your skin like a snake. Skin can dry out easily over time, especially on your feet. There are products to safely remove the first layer of skin from your feet so you can have fresh new skin. The lotion repairs damage to the first layer of your skin.pounds-skin-are-shed-every-year-among-other-things


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