5 ways to increase your metabolism!

If you want to give a boost to your metabolism and it throughout the day, it is good to make some changes in your diet. Here are five ideas on the topic:

woman drinking fruit smoothie

1. Chew a lot and consume more fiber.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but chew them longer. The chewing takes more energy and the fiber is digesting more difficult, which in combination adds up to a 10% increase in the burning of calories.

2. Eat protein.

Protein also requires energy for digestion, while keeping your man happy and sated in a long time. Be sure to include this basic food ingredient in every meal during the day.

3. Move intensively at least 20 minutes a day just before each meal or snack during the day you can do 20 push-ups or sit-ups, 50 – choose your own. These short, but intense exercise also enhance metabolism and can lead to burning of 200 more calories throughout the day.

4. Drink water or green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants, which boost the metabolic rate to four percent, and that means that your body will burn more calories around 80 in the day. If you don’t like this drink, then drink more water throughout the day to avoid dehydration, which can slow the metabolism.

5. Eat five times a day

The stress leads not only to overeating but also by slowing down your metabolism. Therefore, it is important to do regular breaks in your busy working day. If you have a desk job, walk, or meditate on each hour. But it’s good to indulge in a little bit, but at least five times a day.



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