7 best health benefits of pineapples

I am guilty of not eating enough pineapples. I put my hands up and promise you that I’ll be increasing my intake of this fantastic, healthy, and tasty fruit.Pineapples

On this occasion, I know the health benefits of pineapple, but I somehow overlooked them. The reason? I am a little lazy when it comes to cleaning the skin.

But, I do not think I am on my own here. Am I? I am sure that many of you have similar problems. We all like the fruit, but just the thought that we need to clean it is enough to put us off.

So enough of this, and let’s start looking why it matters to eat this fruit.

What are the health benefits of canned pineapple?

canned pineapple

It is critical that I answer this question right at the start and I can tell you I heard the question quite a number of times. You need to know that the can preserve the fruit from the oxygenation damage.

So all of the advantages you get from consuming the fruit in its natural form is found in canned pineapple. However, there is a ‘but’, you need to ensure that the expiry date is not past.

Here is a video showing you how to can pineapples.

What are the pineapples health benefits?

pineapples health benefits

Pineapples are full of proteins, vitamins, and body critical minerals.

They have a low ratio of fat content, which make them perfect for weight loss. That’s is why you find the fruit as part of many diet programs.

In addition, they have a very low-calorie content.

So, just to start this discussion; here is a quick initial summary:

  1. They taste great and are a joy to eat.
  2. They are used in many weight loss diet programs (there is a reason for that -I am sure you guessed it).
  3. It is a fantastic afternoon snack as it is low in calories, high in good sugar content and has a low ratio of fat content.

The above is what people know about pineapple.

What are the other health benefits in pineapple?

anti inflammation health benefit of pineapple

However, very few of us know that this fruit supports your digestive system. In fact, in Asia, they give you this fruit as the desert when you eat spicy food. The aim is to reduce the effect of the spices, but also facilitate your digestion.

You need to know that when eating it, you are absorbing a lot of anti-inflammatory compounds.

So, if you are a victim of arthritis or gout, you need to eat pineapple.

Many high caliber sportsmen and women constantly eat this fruit because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. The health benefit of pineapple in this field is recognized globally. It decreases soreness and a reduce your uneasiness when you have a sport-induced injury.

Interestingly, pineapple is really good for your dental health too. You need to know that it is a condensed-vitamin C fruit. So the more you eat, the fewer risks of you having gum irritation.

Bromelain health benefits in pineapples

What is bromelain

Pineapple is full of bromelain. If you do not know what is bromelain, then you just need to understand that it is a proteolytic enzyme. Okay, what is this enzyme?

It is an enzyme that reduces inflammations and boosts your immune system. It is, therefore, an important part of our body requirements to fight a lot of issues that we may have. Here are the promised 7 health benefits of the fruit:

  1. Bromelain helps reducing muscle pain – It also helps reducing swelling.
  2. If you are subject to infections, then eat pineapples as they fighting infections, even the difficult ones.
  3. I like this one as my mom has good issues with blood circulation. Well, it definitely improves it.
  4. Are you subject to continuous sore throats – Eat pineapple to relief yourself.
  5. It does help dramatically with menstrual disorders
  6. You can eat the fruit and reduce the effect of sinusitis and bronchitis (vitamin C)
  7. This is really important. The absorption of pineapple prevents thrombosis, which means it reduces the risk for the formation of blood clots. I told you; you needed to know this.

If you recall, I spoke about a macular disorder in another post. This disorder is related to the degeneration of your eyes and you end up being blind.

To avoid this situation, you need to find ingredients that can help you with fighting this nervous degeneration. Pineapples are one of those ingredients.

Scientists have described that for the vast majority of cases, the consumption of pineapples can lead to an improvement in your vision and eyesight.

Other good health points to remember

If you are one of those who has mood swings from good to bad mood and from bad to good mood, then you need to consume this fruit.

It is really good at mood-lifting. It enhances your cognitive function and boosts your brain.

If you do not have time to remove the skin and feel that you’d be better with pineapple bromelain, then click here to

access to this.

pineapple bromelain


Now you know why I am not pleased with myself. This fruit is fantastic. It fights inflammations, improves your eyesight and helps your digestive system among many other good things.

Whether you eat canned pineapple or you buy the complete fruit, both are great and have the same properties.

So enjoy eating it. It is a fantastic fruit that you should not undermine.

Back to you

I hope you’ll enjoy eating pineapple and its healthy characteristics. Please do not forget to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

See you soon in another Omigy post.


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