These 7 Changes Will Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Diet soda is the most popular drink amongst numerous people, but apparently, this drink can cause numerous harmful effects. Therefore, if you stop consuming this drink, you can experience many health benefits.

The elimination of the no-calorie sodas from your diet can help you lose weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, treat migraines, and enhance memory.


These are the 7 health benefits you will experience if you stop consuming diet sodas:

Stronger Bones

The elimination of these drinks will effectively lower the risk of bone fractures and help you maintain strong bones. A study conducted at Tufts University showed that women who consume soda on a daily basis had lower bone density levels, and thus, an increased risk of osteoporosis. What’s more, the difference in bone density levels between soda and non-soda drinkers was 40%.

Reduced Diabetes Risk

Diabetes Care published a study that found that the regular consumption of these drinks was linked to a 67% increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Another study also found that the consumption of two-thirds of a diet soda before a meal prepared the pancreas to release insulin since the sweet taste sends signals that sugar will enter the body, leading to an overworking pancreas unnecessarily.

Diabetes is developed when the pancreas is too tired to properly release insulin. Therefore, as soon as you quit soda drinks, you will greatly reduce the diabetes risk.

Weight loss

Numerous people drink diet sodas as they believe that they won’t cause weight gain. Yet, even though they do not contain calories, their sweet taste fools the body that it will receive sugar calories, and when it does not get the brain sends signals that the body is hungry.

In the end, you will consume the calories you were trying to avoid in the first place. Moreover, the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas change the gut bacteria and thus affect the digestion and metabolism of foods.

If you quit diet sodas, the hunger patterns will normalize, and you can lose weight, and shrink the waistline.

Sharp Taste Buds

The taste buds are overwhelmed due to the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, as aspartame is 200 sweeter than table sugar, and Splenda, or sucralose, is 600 times sweeter.

These sweeteners can dull the taste buds over time. If you stop consuming these drinks, the taste buds will become sharper, and you will be able to enjoy the taste of foods much deeper.

Relieved Migraines & Improved Focus

The artificial sweeteners and chemicals in diet sodas change the nerve signals, brain chemistry, and affect the brain’s reward center, and cause anxiety, memory loss, insomnia, and migraines.

Yet, if you do not consume these harmful beverages, your headaches will vanish, and the memory and the focus will be dramatically improved as the brain will no longer be drowned in chemicals.

Improved Kidney Function

The regular use of diet sodas can lead to kidney decline. The findings of an 11-year study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston showed that the consumption of diet soda is closely related to kidney decline in women.

The function of the kidneys is to filter toxins and waste out of the blood, so it needs to work overtime to get rid of all the chemicals entered through these drinks.

The kidneys will start working properly again as soon as you ditch these no-calorie drinks.

Healthier Food Attitudes

Since these drinks do not contain calories, people often replace the lost calories with high-calorie meals, like pizza, hamburgers, and sweets. Yet, their elimination will make you even more aware of the importance of the healthy choices of food for health, and you will begin to avoid junk foods in general.

The following video will reveal the effects of a can of Diet Coke to the body in just 1 hour:

When you consider all the detrimental effects of diet sodas to your health and the various health risks they impose, we believe you will no longer enjoy these no-calorie fizzy drinks and try to prevent the serious health issues they can cause.




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