7 Signs of Breast Cancer That Women Often Ignore

Breast cancer is the second biggest cause of death among women worldwide.Regular check-ups are one of the ways not to allow this disease to be detected in a very advanced stage, when the chances of combating it are very slim.


If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to visit your doctor and do a review.

1. To change the size or shape of the breast

These changes may be the result of a monthly cycle, pregnancy, sexual excitement, or anything else that causes a change in hormones. But if you notice a change first occurs, you will do a great service by making an appointment and discover the disease at the earliest stages.

2. Redness or rash

If a skin and / or around the nipple and not withdrawn, necessarily consult your doctor. If this phenomenon has disappeared and it is no problem, but if it withdraws then necessarily need to visit a doctor.

3. discharge from nipples

Strange liquid with any color that flows out of your nipple without the press can be a sign that something is happening in your body, so it’s good to check what it is.

4. Swelling in the area around the armpits and collarbone

If you find that the lumps are always on the chest then you are wrong. They may be under the armpits, and around the collarbone. When making selfcheck, ensure to check this part.

5. Change in skin texture

If you notice any skin changes, such as if she looks like orange peel, talk to your doctor. Many women do not know that this can be a serious symptom of more serious disease.


6. Caught nipple

If the nipple is drawn inward, much like navel, probably you have to do check why it happens.

7. Persistent pain

The pain is manifested in the form of dull pain in this area. Sure it may be a result of improper bra or monthly cycle, but be careful, if there is no fading and take measures and make an appointment.


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