How do you know if you eat too much sugar

Let’s be honest for once in our life. We all love sugar. And I am guilty of loving this substance too.

If you deny it, then you may be lying to yourselves.

I know, you may feel a little unhappy about this, but eating too much of this sweet substance is really bad for you. health..

We all heard it, eating too many sweets, cakes, and other sugary type food negatively impact your health and worse, it also impacts your body weight.

So I asked myself this simple question: How would I know if I ate too much sugar?

This is the exact question I am answering below. Instead of giving you the usual summary you’ll find all over the web, I decided to provide you with the 7 signs you need to look for and that tells you about your current sugar levels.

1- Eating too much sugar means nothing is sweet

This may sound weird at first, but it really isn’t.

When you eat too much sugar, your body will modify your taste.

What I mean is: the more you eat sweet products, the less you’ll feel their sweetness.

In essence, when you bombard your body with sweet, the less responsive your body will be able to feel their sweetness.

As such, you will end up not feeling that your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. are sweet enough.

To make myself clear, if you start with one spoon of sugar in your coffee and you increase this amount to reach two spoons and finally three, then you’re definitely a victim of excessive sugar intake.

In this case, I would advise you to start reducing the number of spoons in your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.

How to analyze this situation?

This is very simple. The more you eat of this sugar molecule, the more your molecule tolerance increases. So your body will beg for you to eat more to satisfy this dependency.

This is like being on drug and unfortunately, sugar is a drug and if you do not control it, you’ll end up being dependent on all of the negative health effects associated with it.

2- Feeling tired and no energy

A lot of people would say that eating sweets will provide you energy. But it can also lead to excessive tiredness and a sense of feeling with no energy.

In essence, people that say eating sweets can provide you with energy are right.

However, is this the right type of energy you need?

Well Yes and No.

Let’s take an example. If you eat sweets for a quick burst of energy to help practice some sport, then you are right. Say you eat a sweet, then the sweet sugar content will go straight into your bloodstream.

However, if you eat this substance and go and sleep (or sit, or do nothing), then it will be kept by your body and start building fat. Does this ring the bell?

Eating this molecule without moving around can, therefore, lead to putting on weight.

In summary, if you have a constant feeling of fatigue and tiredness, then you may be eating too much sugar.

So, unless you absorb sugar to give you a real carbohydrate boost in your bloodstream, it is best to stay away from a high source of sugar such as fizzy drinks, sweets, etc.

Now it is time to make the right decisions and get rid of the excess sweets.

3- You have a foggy brain after meals?

Quite a lot of people have what is known as ‘foggy brains’.

This is caused by a low blood sugar level.

In common with other conditions, it is when you eat plenty of sugar that you end up with this condition.

Your blood sugar levels rise quickly due to it being bombarded with the substance.

However, the levels drop quickly too. In fact, they fall like a waterfall.

So, if you have a foggy brain, you need to reduce your intake of this substance.

You need to know that a high intake of sugary products poses a major risk for cognitive issues and impairment.

4- Sugar/Carb Cravings

Do you find yourself craving the sweet flavor of sugary snacks every day?

Then you surely are a sugar addict and you need to take action right away.

Sugar consumption usually creates some form of a chain reaction of sugar cravings. The reason is that it is so sweetly and secretly addictive.

Sugar companies know about this issue, but they will not advertise it.

It is for you to identify this condition, and act smoothly to free yourself from it.

So if you feel the carbs calling your name, you could be a victim of deep sugar addiction.

5- Putting on weight

I am sure you know about this point, but no harm in describing it.

Excess sugar simply means excess calories.

However, sugar has no protein or fiber. So, absorb sugar will not fill you up and end up eating it non stop.

But worse than this, absorbing sugar will trigger the release of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that has a major role in weight gain.

In essence, when you eat this substance, your pancreas starts releasing insulin.

The insulin will then carry the sugar to our organs and your body can use it as energy.

However, when you load your body with this substance, you’ll end up producing a lot more insulin.

Over time, excess consumption of sugar will lead to what is known as insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance means your body cannot respond to normal amounts of insulin (even the smallest amount).

And this means your body will not be able to use sugar the right way.

Now your body will convert sugar into fat as it is not able to convert it into energy as it should be.

You’ll end up with a pancreas working in overdrive mode for too long and this can lead to diabetes.

So reducing your consumption of sweets may be a good thing to avoid diabetes and weight gain. (1)

6- Frequent colds and flu

This is one thing that people do not think about.

You may suddenly start falling ill quite often (in comparison to the past few years).

This can be related to you consuming too much of sweet substances. (2)

If you see that you catch all of the viruses that go around you, then it is highly advisable for you to watch your daily consumption of sweets and sugary type food.

If you do not know about this, consuming way too much sugar will definitely weaken your immune system.

This will tend to make your body’s natural ability to fight off colds, flu viruses, and some chronic diseases.

Conclusion? Reduce your intake of this substance to start seeing the difference.

7- Skin and feet issue (and eyes dark circles)

Sugar is bad when consumed in excess. That we all know this.

However, most of us do not know that this substance has an inflammatory effect on our bodies and that is true as soon as it is eaten.

This also means that excessive intake will contribute to inflammatory skin problems.

Looking closely at this, and if you have acne, eczema, rosacea or some excessive oiliness /dryness of skin, then sugar could be the main reason for it. (3)

Cutting out this substance should greatly improve your skin problems, without forgetting your overall health and weight issues.

But worse, Dr. Sherri Greene who is a podiatrist in New York City describes that excessive consumption of this substance can lead to an inflammatory effect on your feet.

This inflammation will appear in your foot as plantar fasciitis. Such a condition will definitely cause pain.

And the answer to this is not to use some medicine, but reducing your sugar intake.

Eating a large portion of sugar is also one of the causes of adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue means that you’ll get dark circles under the eyes.

And all of the above because of your love with sugary substances.

What to do when suffering from excess sugar intake?

The best way is to slowly reduce its intake. So for instance, if you used to take three spoons every morning in your coffee, then cut this to two for about 2 weeks.

Now that your body is used to two spoons, repeat this but with one spoon. At this timeframe, you would have reduced your intake of sugar by 2/3.

This is really important as you may be drinking several coffees a day. Cutting back will not make you feel good for a couple of days, and beware that you keep calm.

During your first few days, your body will feel the pinch. It will ask for something else to compensate.

And if you do not provide, then you’ll be extremely nervous. So best to employ yourselves to be calm and inform your family about your sudden change of mood.


It is clear that excess consumption of sugary substances will lead to some very bad side effects.

Reducing your intake of this molecule can prevent diseases such as diabetes, acne, skin issues, feet problems, destabilized immune system amongst many other conditions.

You should aim at reducing your intake slowly but surely. Nothing worse than doing nothing about it.

The simplest method is to reduce one spoon at a time.

You can, for instance, bake a cake, and when asked to use 100g of this substance, then just put 80g.

Like I always say to my children, every little change helps. So make small changes till you reach the desired effect.

You need some courage to start this, but when you start, there is no way back.

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