8 major health benefits of acacia tree

Acacia has been used in medicines for centuries. Nowadays, you can find it in baking ingredients and much of our woodwork like tables, chairs, etc. are derived from this tree.


However, acacia has been adopted by some of the most ancient civilizations such as the aboriginal tribes in Australia and the Egyptians.

The reason? Acacia tree has some of the most wonderful diverse healing characteristics that make it perfect to treat a number of our common diseases in a very effective way.

This is why I wanted to let you know about the acacia tree medicinal uses.

Note: The tree was first named in the 1700s by a Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus.

He named the tree Acacia Nilotica. Currently, there are about 1,000 species of the Acacia genus (acacia genus is the main family name for the acacia tree).

1- Acacia helps to heal your wounds

Acacia to heal wounds

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with wounds as they do not heal quickly. In fact, it may take several weeks before a wound heal.

There are several reasons behind this, such as the quality of our blood which prevents us from healing.

This is where acacia comes in. Whether you have a fast wound healing metabolism or not, Acacia can help accelerate wounds healing.

To dates, doctors and scientists have not yet elucidated why this tree is so effective at healing our wounds.

They believe that some of the chemicals found in the tree such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and glycosides do help in this.

Nevertheless, there has been a study on this plant, which showed that the Acacia caesia can quickly heal wounds. The study did focus on rats wounds, but it is clear from that research that acacia has these well-needed characteristics.

It is not for nothing that ancient civilizations used this tree too.

2- Acacia relieves irritation and pain

Acacia to fight irritation and inflammation

I am unsure if you have heard about Acacia gum. If not, then let me tell you that it has some fantastic natural sticky type texture.

It is this texture that is used to relieve some of our most common irritation and pain. Within the texture, there are some chemicals that work as a pain relief and inflammation/irritation relief.

Scientists have found that acacia gum is highly effective in easing stomach discomfort. In fact, it has also been used to ease throat discomfort too.

3- Excellent source of fiber

Acacia fiber good for health

The gum of this tree is full of Water-Soluble Dietary Fibers (WSDF).

These are really good fibers for your diet. They are also really good at fighting bad cholesterol and hence keeping it under control.

In fact, a research study has investigated the gum. This study demonstrated that you just need to consume about 15 grams of acacia gum a day to make a real difference to your cholesterol. It advised that you should absorb the gum in liquid form as it is easier for the consumer.

If you do absorb the 15 grams a day, it will give enough for your body to better manage the concentration of plasma cholesterol that is in your blood. In other words, you’ll reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

I know that you may look negatively at the study as it was published in 1992. However, this is the best ever study that has been undertaken on the positive effects of acacia gum on human blood.

If you think a little more down the line, and if you consume WSDF often, then you’ll also reduce or maintain your weight. You should not gain any.

In essence, the gum is good for your weight and cardiovascular health.

In summary, you need to know that the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) has finally agreed that acacia is an excellent source of fibers. They went even further by making changes to the regulations.

By recognizing the benefits of acacia, they have allowed it to be used in many foods such as yogurt, juice, cereals etc.

4- Helps with your oral health

Acacia improves oral health

Acacia catechu, which is also known as black hair is now being used in many dental products. The reason is that it prevents gingivitis. As such, you’ll find black hair in many mouthwash products (you’ll find the extract of the tree).

One of the good things is that acacia is also being used as an alternative herbal organic herbal toothpaste. It cleans your teeth without being abrasive to your teeth.

Note that there has been a really good study in 1999. It demonstrated the positive effect of using herbal tooth powder. What it showed is that if you cleaned your teeth with this powder, you’ll end up with less tooth plaque (about two-third less).

5- Reduce body blood loss

Acacia reduce blood loss

One of the Acacia trees, known as the acacia greggii, is really good for your blood.

What it does come back to point 1 above. It does help in stopping your blood flow when you have wounds, gashes, and other surface cuts.

Note that this tree is usually found in the USA and Mexico.

The way to do this is to pour acacia-infused tea on your wounds and cuts. You can use a cotton ball to help you.

6- Reduce coughing and sore throats

Acacia fight sore throats

As per point 2 above, the tree is known to relieve irritations and inflammations.

As such you’ll find acacia gum in many medicines to help reduce your coughs.

The natural chemical compounds found in the gum somehow coat your throat. This reduces the irritation in your throat.

One thing is for sure, the food industry has understood the benefits of this tree. They use it is sweets claiming that it will reduce and prevent bad throat symptoms. This includes avoiding losing your voice.

7- Support weight loss

weightloss with acacia

Acacia gum has something special about it. It has the ability to avoid gaining weight.

There has been a study that involved 120 women.

In this study, 60 women took 30 grams of acacia gum per day. They did this for a six weeks period.

The other 60 took a placebo containing about 1 gram of pectin.

What the study showed that the women that absorbed acacia gum lost weight.

In fact, they lost about 2 percent of their body fat. And that’s without doing any exercise.

8- Numbers of Beneficial Bacteria

Acacia intestins improvement health

Acacia fiber is prebiotic which can increase the populations of good bacteria in your body.

A study showed that by consuming a daily dose of gum, you’ll end up with a higher numbers of good bacteria in your intestinal system.

You just need to consume this natural prebiotic for four weeks to reach a good bacteria level that you have never had in your life. The bacteria I am speaking about are Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

Where to find acacia?

It is really good to speak about this tree healing features. However, one has to find it somewhere and the tree is not that common really.

Here I provide you with a link where you can buy it. You just need to click on the picture.


Note that you can also get some acacia tea. The tea can be prepared in a number of ways. Here is one of them:

Take a teaspoon of dried acacia flowers and put it in a cup. Add boiling water and cover the cup.

Wait for about 15 mins. Now drink. Do that about 3 times a day and your health should improve in a couple of weeks.

Risks associated with acacia

There are not many risks associated with acacia. However, I would advise you to check with you doctor if you did not have any form of allergy. Also if you are under treatment, make sure you mention this to your doctor.

Please note that there are a number of acacia trees that contain toxic chemicals. These could lead to you losing hair or affecting your digestive system. As such, make sure you only use acacia that is available in respectable supermarkets, shops etc.

Do not go and collect acacia flowers, leaves etc. yourself.


With these 8 acacia health benefits, I think you are ready to start your weight loss plan. You do not need that much of acacia per day to make the difference.

Also, I showed you that you can enhance your intestinal health too. You can heal your wounds, reduce coughing, throat irritation, improve your oral health, and increase your intake of good fibers.

All of these healthy points with one single tree. You should definitely consider it for your health.

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