8 reasons why you must eat pistachios from now on

I believe that the majority of people eat pistachios. Whether they eat the pistachios nut or its derivatives such as ice cream, cakes, etc.

They do wonders in front of movies, a baseball match, a football match as a snack.

However, I do not think that many of us know the great health benefits this type of nut has. This is why I got my computer keyboard warmed up. I want to let you know that besides pistachios’ great taste, there are fantastic reasons for you to continue eating them.


What pistachios good for?

I am sure you are a pistachios lover if you are reading this. Here I give you eight reasons for you to keep eating them.

1- Are Pistachios Heart Healthy?

This is the main question that people asks and the answer is YES. Many studies have demonstrated that consuming pistachios improves your heart functions. The studies describe that eating them prevents cardiovascular diseases. They also regulate your the blood pressure and therefore help with hypertension too.

2- Are pistachios fattening?

The real question to ask is ‘are pistachios a good fat?’. In essence, the majority of nuts you eat contain healthy fats. Pistachios are no different really. If you eat 50 of them, you will absorb about 160 calories. For sure that is a good healthy low-calorie snack. And on top of this, the fat they contain is good for you.

3- Are pistachios a good source of fiber?

Many people still think that oatmeal has the highest content of fiber. In fact, we would not even think that this nut has any fiber in it. Well, this little green nut has proven me wrong too. It has a higher source of fiber than oatmeal. So it is definitely a very good source of fiber.

4- Carotenoids

Carotenoids are a funny word that I always associated with carrots only. Again I was proven wrong. You’ll find plenty of carotenoids in these nuts. You’ll also find plenty of lutein and zeaxanthin. These two helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration (a leading cause of vision loss).

5- Phytosterols

Phytosterols are a wonderful substance. It helps absorb cholesterol from the ingredients you eat. In other words, when you eat, there are ingredients that your body does not absorb well. Eating pistachios will help you in doing so and distribute the nutrients to your body and organs.

The good news is has a very high content of phytosterols. So if you are a vegetarian, you’ll be pleased to learn that it can be used as a great meat substitute. Meat is usually our top source for phytosterols, but if you eat this green nut, then you do not need to consume meat.

6- Are pistachios a complete good source of protein

I have to say yes. They are a great source of highly rich vegetable protein. They are highly recommended for consumption by vegans and vegetarians. I repeat myself, but they are an amazing substitute for meat.

7- Antioxidants

Antioxidants are so important to us for all the right reasons. At the end of the day, they help the body and our immune system too.

You’ll be pleased to know that pistachios are rich in phenolic compounds. These compounds are similar to a number of food antioxidants. As such, by eating this nut you can prevent oxidative stress. Further to this, you will reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

8- Pistachios nutrition facts – nutrients

In addition to the above, you need to know that this nut is rich

What is good about this little and cute nut is that when you eat them in front of your television or other, you are also doing great health favors to your body. Each time you eat one pistachio, you give in your body more than 30 vitamins and minerals. So you can consume this nut quite often as your body will definitely feel better. And if your body feels better, then you’ll feel better.

Where to buy pistachios ?

You can find pistachios in many shops and supermarkets. You can also find pistachios in many forms, such as powder, in sweets and in cakes. You can find it on the web too. Below click on the picture to buy them on the internet.


I love pistachios and really hope you love them too. I eat them at the weekend in from of a nice TV show or sporting event. I also use them in pick-nicks, as a snack, in baking cakes, etc. The list is very long. In fact, I love them in a nice hot dish too like rice or other.

If your friends comes along, why not put a plate of pistachios for them to enjoy the afternoon with you. They’ll be happy with the great tasty feature, and you’ll be silently happy to help them with nutrients, cancer fighting substance, great positive fat, antioxidant, and many more.

Back to you

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please do not forget to take action by eating pistachios and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

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